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Sound recordings of classic sports and racing cars, vintage aircraft, and steam and diesel locos.

Engines On Audio cover


Mostly from hi-fi stereo tape and digital mini-disc original recordings
+ 1 digitally processed mono archive recording (added pseudo-stereo effect)

Recorded during 1982 to 2008.

Running time 145 minutes

Recordings of:
**Classic sports cars (including special feature on AC Cobras)
**Classic aircraft - piston and jet
**Steam engines
**Classic diesel locomotives (including special feature on Deltics)

Some of the most impressive - and the rarest - of engine sounds from the world of transport preservation. Including sounds that you may never be able to hear in real life, that can be brought straight into your living room.

A vast range of great engine sounds recorded over a 26 year period.

Well over 2 hours of rare recordings on 2 CDs


Price includes worldwide postage.

Sample sound (mp3):

C-Type Jaguar.

Highlights include:

17 genuine AC Cobras inside one room (!)
Jaguar C-Type blasts down a country lane
Bugatti Type 55 (straight 8 engine)
Low flying Mosquito
On-train ride behind a class 9F
Deltic/class 50 double header
Class 37 in a tunnel
Vulcan bomber on one of its farewell appearances
Coronation Class makes a hasty departure
BRM V16 shatters everyone's ear-drums!

Note: Although advertised as having no talking, there is a small amount of on-location commentary in the background of a few classic car recordings, although I've edited out as much as I could.

Classic cars featured, include:

AC Ace, Aceca and Cobra.
Alvis Speed 25.
Aston Martin DBR1, DB2/4, DB3S, DB4, DB5 and DB6.
Bentley Special.
BMW 328 and 507.
BRM V16.
Bugatti Type 55.
Daimler SP250.
Ford GT40.
Ferrari 250GT, 250GTO, 275GTB, 275GTS and Thinwall Special.
Frazer-Nash Targa-Florio.
Healey Silverstone.
Jaguar Mk. II, XK120, XK140, XK150, C-Type, D-Type and E-Type.
Lister Jaguar.
Maserati 250F and 300S.
Mercedes 280SL and 300SL.
Porsche 911S.
Rover 95.
Triumph TR5 , TR6 and Stag.

*Also, a special feature on the AC/Shelby Cobra: Over 20 Cobras start up in a crowded paddock; 17 Cobras inside a hall; a brief clip of a Cobra circuit race; a 427 Cobra parks; plus other Cobras on road and track.

Classic aircraft featured, include:

Lightning (EE)
P51 Mustangs

"Duchess of Sutherland" gets the main line for a fast departure from Leicester. 2004.

Steams locos featured, include:

Class 5205
Coronation Class
Modified Hall

Crowd puller. Peak loco 45112 calls at Leicester during an historic final run into St. Pancras in 2004.
A heavy freight diesel (class 56) during a farewell railtour, calls at Burton-on-Trent.
31st March 2004.

Diesel locos featured, include:

Classes 20, 37, 50 and 56.

*Also, a special feature on Deltics, the most recorded of all engine sounds. If you've heard them before, you won't need to ask why!

Deltic 55019
approaches Shap
Summit, in 2000.

There are also a couple of classic motor-bikes: Triumph Trident and a Laverda. Plus an electric train, a Eurostar (GNER).

Total running time approx. 145 minutes on 2 CDs.

Recordings made between 1982 and 2008.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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