Military Sounds - WW2 mock battles, tanks and aircraft on Audio CD


£7 donated to "Help for Heroes" from each CD sold

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Military Sounds CD cover

Sounds of WW2 aircraft, tanks and mock battles.
No commentary. No music.

Highlights include:
- A Sherman tank having a few attempts to load onto its trailer
- A Seafire and Spitfire air display
- Floor thumping mock battle sounds
- Convoy of American tanks heading to battle

Entirely recorded on state-of-the-art kit, which picks up the ground vibrations as well as every audio detail and the full atmosphere of the surroundings.

Recorded during 2013-15.

Running time 72 minutes

£7.00 from each CD sold will be donated to "Help for Heroes"

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Here is the full recording list:

Recordings are from the Cosby Victory Show except where stated.

1 - U.S. M36 Tank Destroyer, “Easy Tiger”, starts up and drives off. 7th Sep. 2014.

2 - “Easy Tiger” revs up its V8 engine. 7th Sep. 2013.

3 - Replica Stug3 tank “Heidi” idles as a truck starts up and begins to move out but meets the tank coming the other way! The truck backs up again and the tank continues followed by another replica Stug3 “Helga”, based on a British army FV432. 7th Sep. 2013.

4 - In the battlefield, a replica nazi "Stug3" tank is guided in reverse into a corner of the field. 7th Sep. 2013.

5 - Basic training exercise demo. 7th Sep. 2013.

6 - Battle re-enactment. 7th Sep. 2013.

7 - Hawker Hurricane R4118 is heard flying as the mock battle commences. (Edited to omit on-location commentary). 7th Sep. 2014.

8 - BBMF Hurricane and Spitfire flying in formation as they arrive at the Cosford airshow, 2013.

9 - BBMF Lancaster and Spitfire circle passed before breaking formation (Hurricane in the background) at the Cosford airshow, 2013.

10 - A tank motors passed in the battle field, and then a B25 Mitchell bomber flies passed. A replica Stug3 tank, “Helga”, sets off for the battle. 7th Sep. 2014.

11 - A pair of Me108s fly around as a Soviet T34 tank pulls out, stalls, re-starts, and motors off. 7th Sep. 2014.

12 - A U.S. half-track, M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage heads off for battle. 7th Sep. 2014.

13 - A pair of replica German Stug3 tanks head for the battlefield, plus a German light armoured car, then a BMW motorbike and sidecar pulls out and follows. 6th Sep. 2015.

14 - American tanks head for the battlefield: Stuart light tank no. USA 3089570 and Sherman tanks "Hangover", "Hannibal" and "Havoc". Then M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer no. USA 4014549, followed by an M4 High Speed Tractor ("Little Charlie") pulling out of its parking space and joins the queue. Followed by halftrack no. USA W-4405373, halftrack no. USA 402686, motorbike and sidecar, and 4 wheeled personnel carrier. 6th Sep. 2015.

15 - German Hanomag halftrack Sd.Kfz.251 pulls out of its parking space and heads for battlefield followed by a BMW motorbike and sidecar. 6th Sep. 2015.

16 - Yakovlev Yak 3M (Allison V12 engine) and Hispano HA-1112 MIL Buchon (effectively a Messeschmitt Bf109 with an RR Merlin engine) idling after starting up (unseen at the other side of a hedge), plus a gun test-fire. 6th Sep. 2015.

17 - The Yak 3M and the “Bf109” take off as battle commences. The “Bf109” flies passed the battlefield a few times. (Edited to omit on-location commentary). 6th Sep. 2015.

18 - Part of the mock battle. 7th Sep. 2014.

19 - After the main mock battle, 3 tanks are heard in the battle field including a Soviet T34 in the foreground. 7th Sep. 2014.

20 - At the battlefield, 2 tanks are driving around and one is idling. Soviet troops advance followed by the T34 tank. Instructions can be heard to turn turret and then to fire (see photo front cover, upper). Turret is straightened and the T34 then drives off coming by closely. 7th Sep. 2014.

21 - American tanks, "Hangover", "Havoc" and "Hannibal", arrive back after battle, and manoeuvre into their parking spaces. 6th Sep. 2015.

22 - ARCo’s Bristol Blenheim Mk.1F performs a display. 6th Sep. 2015.

23 - A Seafire III swoops passed followed by a Spitfire (“Grace” ML407), and they continue to perform their displays. 6th Sep. 2015.

24 - A pair of P51D Mustangs in formation at the Sywell airshow, 2014. Then they part company and perform their respective displays. A strong wind can be heard blowing through the trees.

25 - An M4 Sherman Medium Tank starts up in background as B-17 “Sally B” arrives and displays. The tank, "Lily Marlene", moves passed its trailer and behind the ramp. The B-17 passes. The tank attempts to climb the ramp onto the trailer but slips to a stand and backs off. Then has a second attempt - same problem. The B-17 passes. The tank backs up further and re-aligns with trailer, then has a third failed attempt. The B-17 passes once more. 6th Sep. 2015.

26 - Recorded from the other side of the above M4 Sherman tank, much closer, it successfully mounts its low-loader trailer and receives a round of applause. The ramps are folded away and then it is guided back and forth a little while it is secured with shackles, and is shut down. 6th Sep. 2015.

£9.50 - Price includes UK postage.

Customers outside UK, please use payment button below:

£12.50 - including shipping worldwide.

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