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Supplied on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

Save money (compared to buying audio CDs) and purchase these mp3 versions.
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Many of my CD albums are available in mp3 form, supplied on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Current VAT law means that I can't supply them as downloads at this time.

Multiple albums can be supplied on a single disc. Each track includes descriptive data (loco, location, etc.) that displays on your mp3 player. Each album comes with a detailed listing (in most cases with photos) as a pdf file to view on computer.

You can order the following groups of albums. Click on the titles to browse the track listings:

Nostalgia mp3 Collection

Contains the following albums:
"Diesel Traction in Action Volume 1"
"Good Pulsations Volume 1"
"My Lords! Volume 1"
"My Lords! Volume 2"


Classic Diesel mp3 Collection

Contains the following albums:
"37 Thunder"
"Diesel Traction in Action Volume 2"
"Diesel Traction in Action Volume 3"
"Napier Crowd Pullers - 1"
"Napier Crowd Pullers - 2"
"V for Valenta"
"Vintage Whine"


State-of-the-art mp3 Collection (highest quality sounds)

Contains the following albums:
"Deltic Drone"
"Diesel Rumble"
"Diesel Generations"
"Super Heated"


The Deltic mp3 Collection

Contains the following albums:
"Deltic Drone"
"Good Pulsations Volume 1"
"Good Pulsations Volume 7"
"Good Pulsations Volume 8"
"Good Pulsations Volume 9"
"Napier Crowd Pullers - 1"
"Napier Crowd Pullers - 2"


The Railway mp3 Collection

All of the above railway albums (supplied on 1 disc), saving more money.


Classic Aircraft and Cars mp3 Collection (includes some trains and bikes)

Contains the following albums:
"Airborne Sounds"
"Mending the Sound Barrier"
"Engines On Audio" (double-album)


If you would like a different selection of mp3 albums, e-mail Ian for a quote. Note that only the albums in the above lists are currently available in mp3 form.

For enquiries you can e- mail Ian.


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