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Volume 2

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DELTICS and other 	DIESELS Volume 2 CD cover

Recordings from hi-fi stereo tape originals and digital mini-disc recordings

Recorded during 1989 to 2002.

Running time 80 minutes

Featuring recordings from the discontinued cassette-tape versions of Good Pulsations Volumes 3, 6 and 7, Diesel Traction in Action Volume 2, plus some recordings not published before.

Classes 17, 25, 37, 40 and 55 in preservation.
Classes 37, 50, 55, 56 and HST on the main line.

Highlights include:
**On-train with D9000 on Virgin Ramsgate workings
**Rear cab rides in D9000 on the main line
**37401 at Crewe


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Deltics and other Diesels Volume 2 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 28:

D9000 passes Garsdale (on-train).

Here is the full recording list:

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 22nd April 1989:
1 Clayton D8568 eases out of Grosmont.

Severn Valley Railway 13th May 1989:
2* 55015 climbs out of Bewdley towards Kidderminster.

Severn Valley Railway 15th October 1989:
3* D9016 climbs Eardington bank during its first outing of the day.
4* (1) After departing Bridgnorth, D9000 opens up.
5 (1) After running round the stock, D9000 very carefully propels the coaches down to the buffer stops at Kidderminster to allow room for a DMU to arrive.

Severn Valley Railway 13th October 1990:
6* (1) D9016 approaches Foley Park Tunnel (from the Bewdley end) very slowly, as 'bashers' shout encouragement to the driver. The driver obliges and gives us a good blast through the tunnel!

Great Central Railway 3rd June 1989:
7 (1) After pausing in the station, 9019 (55019) continues to run round the coaching stock at Rothley.

Great Central Railway 4th November 1989:
8* (1) 9019 pulls out of Quorn towards Rothley, the exhaust sound becoming very loud.
9 (1) 9019 runs round at Rothley.
10* (1) After easing out of Rothley, 9019 is opened up.

Kilby Bridge (south of Leicester) 3rd May 1991:
11 56060 thunders passed northbound with an MGR working.

Severn Valley Railway 7th May 1994:
12* 37107 departs Bewdley on its way to Kidderminster.
13* A few minutes later, 37107 blasts through Foley Park Tunnel.

Great Central Railway 20th July 1991:
14* During its second round trip of the day, 9019 pulls away from just north of Rothley station, towards Quorn.

Great Central Railway 3rd July 1994:
15* (1) D9019 roars out of Loughborough at 1759.

Mid Hants Railway 4th March 1995:
16* 212 (40012) departs Medbourne eastbound at 1235.

Battlefield Line 7th June 1998:
17* 25067 on the 1200hrs departure from Shackerstone.

The DPS "Transpennine Deltic" 18th October 1997:
18 Several minutes after the railtour had departed Peterborough and the photographers had left, D9000 is heard in the distance rejoining the fast line at 1951hrs (heading back to Kings Cross).

D9000 on Virgin Trains' Ramsgate-Birmingham (1S87) 1st August 1998:
19* On time departure at 1438 from Reading.
20* Departure from Coventry.

Cardiff Queen Street 16th August 1998:
21* During a great day of running on the Welsh valley lines, 50031 departs on one of its last workings of the day, at 1559.

D9000 on Virgin Trains' Ramsgate-Birmingham workings (1S87):
22* Departure from Banbury at 1542hrs. 5th September 1998.
23* Departure from Leamington Spa at 1601 hrs. 5th September 1998.
24* Faversham. D9000 pulls away at 1201 heading west. 26th Sept. 1998.
25* After a signal check (we were stuck behind a local service), D9000 accelerates through Gillingham station, giving the passengers there an earful of Napier music! 26th September 1998.
26 Birmingham N. S. After arrival D9000 pulls away light. 26th Sept. 98.

Crewe 12th December 1998:
27 37401 raises the roof as it departs for Holyhead.

Garsdale 27th February 1999:
28* D9000 accelerates through southbound on a diverted Virgin service.

Peterborough 22nd May 1999:
29 D9000 s horns blast, as it rolls into Peterborough on the return leg of a VSOE working. A local fire-engine driver also tries out his air-horns. D9000 sets off at 2024 (as a class 91 arrives) and passengers wave from their Pullman coaches. (Recorded from the station car park).

Crewe 15th May 1999:
30* 37421 departs Birmingham New Street at 1007hrs for Holyhead, and accelerates through the tunnel.

D9000 on Virgin Trains' Ramsgate-Birmingham (1S87) 26th June 1999:
31* Riding in the rear cab shortly after departing Leamington Spa. The engine room doors are opened briefly as riding engineer Chris Wayman leaves the cab.
32* Still in the rear cab, we depart Birmingham International, with Brian Harper at the controls.

Grantham 7th September 2000:
33 55019's departure (on a Northern Belle working) is held to allow an HST to overtake, which passes through at speed. At 1700hrs, 55019 sets off northwards.

55019 Grantham 2000

Peterborough 3rd January 2002:
34 D9000 departs platform 4 on the outward leg of Hertfordshire Railtours "Scarborough Flyer", in very wintry conditions.
D9000 at Peterborough 3rd Jan. 2002

D9000 (heard from the rear driver's seat) on Virgin Trains' Ramsgate-Birmingham working (1S87) 7th August 1999:
35* We make a hasty departure from Coventry northwards, the ammeter touching 2100 amps a few seconds after the rear engine picks up.
36* Entering Birmingham, D9000 accelerates from Proof House Junction and then arrives in New Street platform 7, deafening a few unsuspecting passengers!

* denotes on-train recording.
(1) denotes Deltic running on 1 engine.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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