GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 3 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 3

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 3 CD cover

Deltic recordings on preserved railways in 1989.

Recordings from hi-fi stereo tape originals

Recorded during 1989.

Running time 74 minutes

A very busy year on the preserved line diesel gala circuit, saw all 6 surviving production Deltics in action.

Highlights include:
**Climbing the 1 in 49 Goathland Bank behind 55015
**Blasting through a tunnel with 55015
**D9000 from the lineside at the Severn Valley


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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 18:

55002 departs Butterley (with wheel-slip relay fault).

Here is the full recording list:

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 22nd April 1989:
1*(1) - 55015 departs Levisham at 1122 towards Goathland. It is drizzling and some wheel-slip occurs.
2* - 55015 pulls away up the gradient from Goathland at 1344.
3* - 55009 departs Goathland towards Levisham (as a class 25 departs in the background) and gets wheel-slip each time the 2nd engine picks up due the drizzle that was still falling.
4* - 55015's 2nd engine is started up at Grosmont and then a fairly spirited departure is made at 1720 with a 7 coach load. A bit of wheel-slip occurs after the tunnel as the 1 in 49 climb begins, then full power is applied. The recording ends on the approach to Goathland.

Great Central Railway 29th April 1989:
5 - 9019 moves out of the engine sidings at Loughborough.
6 - 9019 runs light into Loughborough Central breaking through a "Welcome 9019" banner and is greeted by a fanfare from the Royal Highland Fusiliers prior to its inauguration ceremony.
7*(1) - During its inaugural run on the GCR, 9019 departs Rothley for Loughborough, and 'my' coach sounds as though it has a square wheel!

GCR 30th April 1989:
8(1) - No.19 pulls out of Quorn and passes by southbound. 9(1) - No.19 accelerates out of Quorn again, this time northbound, and there's that square wheel again at the back of the train!

55002 at Hammersmith, MRC

GCR 3rd June 1989:
10(1) - 9019 stands in the sidings at Loughborough. After the signalman shouts across to the driver, the Deltic moves off towards the station.
11*(1) - Shortly after departing Loughborough, no.19 opens up. Its exhaust blows something off one of the bridges which bounces off the coach roof.
12(1) - After pausing in Rothley station, no.19 proceeds to run round the coaching stock.

Coalville Open Day 11th June 1989:
13 - Each of D9000's engines are started up, idle for a while and then shut down.

Midland Railway Centre 25th June 1989:
14 - At Swanwick engine sidings 55002 (on loan from York NRM) has its 2nd engine started up. The revs of the 2nd engine fall and its running becomes rough before shutting down (caused by air in the fuel system).
15*(1) - 55002 sets off from Swanwick towards Butterley on its first passenger train since 1981. Power is repeatedly lost due to a wheel-slip detection fault.
16*(1) - 55002 gives one more rev and then coasts through Butterley.
17(1) - 55002 runs round at Hammersmith.
18(1) - After having one pair of traction-motors isolated, no.2 pulls out of Butterley towards Swanwick, but is still having difficulties.

Severn Valley Railway 14th October 1989. Heard from the approach to Foley Park Tunnel:
19 - At 1338 D9000 opens up after leaving Bewdley, then eases off before passing by and into the tunnel.
20 - D9000's horns are heard faintly before it enters the tunnel (after leaving Kidderminster) and then emerges and coasts passed.
D9000 approaches Foley Park Tunnel

21 - At 1706 D9000 is again heard accelerating away from Bewdley.

SVR 15th October 1989:
22(1) - At Bridgnorth D9016 and D9000 are heard in the engine sidings. D9000 then moves out, D9016 moves closer, D9000 runs onto its train and D9016 moves alongside the microphone.
23* - D9000 accelerates out of Bewdley towards Kidderminster.
24(1) - D9000 is uncoupled and runs round the stock at Kidderminster.
25* - D9016 climbs Eardington bank.

Severn Valley Railway 13th May 1989:
26* - 55015 departs Kidderminster at 0908. After a leisurely start, there is a burst of rapid acceleration before braking for a 15mph restriction. Then another burst of full power before coasting into the tunnel.
27* - No.15 stands at Hampton Loade with both engines idling.
28* - No.15 makes a spirited start from Hampton Loade (towards Bridgnorth).
29* - 55015 storms up Eardington Bank (see front cover photo).
30 - At Kidderminster 55015 runs round the coaching stock.
31* - As our train stands at Kidderminster both of no.15's engines are fired up (much to the delight of enthusiasts on board), the 2nd engine stalling and restarting.
32* - After departing Kidderminster, 55015 crawls slowly up to the tunnel and then full power is applied, filling the train with oil mist, until we emerge into the open at a somewhat higher speed! (With much coughing and spluttering from passengers).

* denotes on-train recording.
(1) denotes Deltic running on 1 engine.


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