GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 4 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 4

audio CD

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Good Pulsations 	Volume 4 CD cover

Screw your furniture to the floor!
This title is the ultimate in Deltic thrash on preserved railways. 'Roar' power like you've rarely heard! Mostly Deltics with both engines running.

Recordings from hi-fi stereo tape originals

Recorded during 1991 to 1997.

Running time 74 minutes

Highlights include:
**Double-header on the East Lancs
**D9019's lively final run on the Great Central
**Riding behind 55002 during its stay at the East Lancs
**D9019 roaring into the distance on the Great Central

The Deltic exhausts were louder than when they subsequently returned to the main line.


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You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Good Pulsations Volume 4 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 22:

9019 departs Loughborough Central (on-train).

Here is the full recording list:

Great Central Railway 1st June 1991:
1 - 9019 runs light out of Loughborough.
2 - After arrival at Loughborough 9019 draws its train forward.

GCR 20th July 1991:
3* - After stopping outside the station, 9019 pulls into Rothley (on a service from Leicester North) watched by a crowd of visitors.

4* - 9019 makes a quick getaway from Quorn, northbound at 1506.
5* - After departing Loughborough, 9019 accelerates the final service of the day, the sound reflecting off buildings.
6(1) - Its day's work done, no.19 stands silently at Loughborough while volunteers attempt to rectify a faulty engine-run relay which was suffering from the heat. The voice of DPS officer Martin Harris can be heard. Meanwhile, as an official looking GCR gentleman approaches, the driver decides to hide, but everyone points to where he is hiding! No. 1 engine starts and stalls twice, then no.2 engine is started.

9019 at Quorn

Severn Valley Railway 10th May 1992:
7* - D9016 departs Bewdley at 0921 on a service for Bridgnorth.
8* - D9016 opens up on the approach to Eardington Summit.
9 - The driver of D9016 gives a brief burst of full power running light through Bridgnorth, watched by some DPS officers.
10* - After departing Bewdley, 55015 roars passed the wild-life park (some lamas disappearing in an oil mist!) heading for Kidderminster.
11 - At Kidderminster after uncoupling, 55015 runs round the coaching stock.

GCR Diesel Gala 25th March 1994:
12* - D9019 newly repainted into all over green, has its rear roof mounted horns tested, then departs at 1429.
13(1) - Standing at the buffer-stops at Leicester North, no.19 has an engine started up and runs light onto the loop.
14* - No.19 departs swiftly from Leicester North at 1754. 15 - The following day at Leicester North, no.19 emerges from under Station Road bridge at 1802 as it accelerates away shortly before sun-set on a fine day.

SVR 7th May 1994:
16* - Having stopped half-way through Arley station, 55015 (disguised as 55001) draws its train forward.
17* - 55015 departs Arley for Kidderminster at 1445. 18* - 55015 accelerates after passing Northwood Halt at 1452, getting some wheel-slip in the process.
19* - At 1502, no.15 opens up approaching - and again inside - Foley Park Tunnel.

GCR Diesel Gala 1995:
20(1) - D9019 sets off from Leicester North at 1525, emerges from under a road bridge and accelerates into the distance. 31st March.
21 - No.19 departs Leicester North again (at 1808) - its 2nd engine erupting into life a couple of times a long distance away. (See back cover photo). 1st April.
22* - No.19 makes a very rapid standing start with its 6 coach load from Loughborough at 1732, easing off briefly over pointwork. 2nd April.

East Lancs Railway 25th November 1995:
23* - D9019 - reunited with its nameplates and small yellow ends - had stopped inside Brooksbottom Tunnel to pick up some ELR volunteers. It is heard pulling away towards Bury at 1633.
24*(1) - No.19's roar echoes around the hills after dark as it departs Irwell Vale at 1808 on its way to Bury.

ELR Diesel Event 8th June 1996:
25* - 55002, on loan from the NRM, sets off from Bury at 1330.
26* - 55002, having stopped on the approach to Bury, pulls away, passes through the tunnel and into Bolton Street station at 1451.
27 -55002 is uncoupled at Bury and runs off light-engine.

ELR "Traction Day" 9th July 1997:
28* - The rare sound of 4 Deltic engines idling as 55002/D9019 double-heading a service from Bury stand at Ramsbottom.
29* - 55002/D9019 shortly after departing Ramsbottom as both Deltics open up fully for a very rapid acceleration of their 7 coach load.
30* - 55002/D9019 depart Irwell Vale for Rawtenstall.
31* - 55002 pulls out of Bury at 1600.
32* - 55002 departs Summerseat, opens up in the tunnel, and gets some wheel-slip.
33* - 55002 pulls away from Irwell Vale northbound at 1633, the sound bouncing back off the hillside.
34 - D9019 sets off from Bury with the last train of the day at 1811.

GCR 21st May 1995:
35 - D9019 on its last run at the GCR is heard leaving Quorn, southbound, at 1723.
36 - Some road traffic is heard on the bridge at Quorn, as no.19 returning north passes through the station and erupts from under the bridge (see front cover photo).

* denotes on-train recording.
(1) denotes Deltic running on 1 engine.


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