GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 5 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 5

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 5 CD cover

Deltic D9000 returning to main line running.

Recordings from hi-fi stereo tape originals

Recorded during 1996 to 1997.

Running time 74 minutes

Highlights include:
**Starting up in the Great Hall of the NRM
**Storming the Lickey
**On-train blast out of Euston with a 13 coach load

Also includes the 1996 Berwick fire incident.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Good Pulsations Volume 5 playlist PDF

Sample sound (mp3) from track number 18:

D9000 starts up at Bristol.

Here is the full recording list:

"The Deltic Deliverance" 30th November 1996:
1 - Edinburgh Waverley at 1347 as D9000 runs onto its train and is coupled up, accompanied by the sound of a regimental piper.
2* - The big moment arrives, after nearly 15 years of waiting for a Deltic run on the main line, driver lan Forsyth gets the 11 coach railtour under way from Edinburgh at 1402. The 2nd engine picks up just before we enter the tunnel.
3* - A vacuum brake fault on one of the coaches brings us to an involuntary halt half way through Berwick station.
Exhaust fire at Berwick
4* - No.2 engine is shut down after a fire is discovered in its exhaust. It is restarted and shut down again and no.1 engine shuts down briefly. The flames are threatening the station canopy and so passengers who had alighted are ordered back on board, prior to moving the train.
5 - After drawing forward into the open, passengers spill out onto the platform but are kept back to a safe distance, as no.2 engine is restarted and revved up.

"The Deltic Reunion" 2nd January 1997:
6* - It is 15 years to the day since the "Farewell". RSG departs Kings Cross platform 1 at 0803 (in freezing conditions) easing passed a class 91 and through Gasworks Tunnel and then accelerates its 10 coach load through Copenhagen Tunnel.
7 - After arrival and uncoupling at Hull, D9000's engines echo under the station canopy as it moves up to within a few inches of the buffer-stops and proceeds to run round the stock.
8 - D9000 stands silently on the turntable in York NRM's Great Hall at around 1720. They wouldn't start it up in here would they? Oh yes they would! One engine starts and stalls, the second engine starts up and then the first engine re-starts. D9000 is driven out into the open.
9* - On the return leg of the tour, we depart Doncaster at 2007. Many Deltic admirers braved the cold and snow to see D9000. A bit of wheel-slip occurs at first with fresh snow falling. With the ETH sapping power from the leading engine, there is a huge surge of acceleration as the rear engine picks up and we pass a snow covered D9016. The engine note dips as RSG passes the 52mph field divert.
D9000 at Kings Cross
10 - Shortly after arrival at about 2220, D9000 stands at "the blocks" at Kings Cross, with a background of station announcements, then shuts down.

The following are lineside recordings of D9000's next few railtours:
11 - Potters Bar. The "Norfolk Napier" roars through on the down slow line at 1150. 22nd February 1997.
12 - Grantham. The "Lindum Deltic" tears through on its way back from Lincoln to Kings Cross just after nightfall at 1835, following an appropriate warning announcement. 2nd March 1997.
13 - Pilmoor (between York and Thirsk). The "drone" returns to Pilmoor as D9000 is heard faintly almost 4 miles away. It is on the "Deltic Explorer" and has just switched to the fast line south of Thirsk. The engine note dips slightly as it accelerates passed the 78mph field divert. Eventually it passes by southbound under a bridge at 1911 (almost dark) and then....
14 - ....opens up through Micklefield station at 1959 on its way to Leeds. A Sprinter driver acknowledges the Deltic and then passes through. 29th March 1997.

"The Cross Country Deltic" 13th April 1997:
15* - D9000 departs Euston at 1145 with a 13 coach train. Then signals slow progress - the gradient almost bringing the train to a halt short of a red signal. RSG heaves the train forward, the signal changes to yellow, and once over the summit coasts until the next signal is sighted at green. The Deltic then accelerates through the tunnels.
16* - D9000 arrives at Birmingham New Street to test out the acoustics and eases passed a sign claiming this to be a smoke free zone!
17* - At 1409, D9000 departs Birmingham New Street through seemingly endless tunnels. Some "bashers" shout as we pass through Five Ways station.
18 - At Bristol Temple Meads, RSG is started up at 1633 in readiness for the journey to Paddington.

"Centenary Pullman" (marking 100 years of Railway Magazine) heard from the lineside. 5th May 1997:
19 - To the west of Bath, D9000 accelerates passed towards Bristol at 1258 with the 10 coach VSOE Pullman.
20 - At Twyford station, a blustery breeze carries the sound of the approaching Deltic before it tears through on the fast line at 1753 on its way back to Victoria, instantly followed by a westbound HST whizzing through and a "Turbo" unit arriving.

Some more lineside recordings follow:
21 - The "Jorvik Deltic" passes through Huntingdon at 1930 - on its way back to Kings Cross - then the driver eases off the power. 8th June 1997.
D9000 races through Huntingdon, June 1997

22 - Birmingham New Street. 19 days after its sensational surprise appearance on a Virgin Cross Country service train, D9000 repeats the performance. The service is 1M20 - the 0906 from Paddington. As some p.w. men check the track gauge, D9000 approaches through the tunnel and emerges into the station (see front cover photo), accompanied by 47851, at 1134, platform 11. 11th August 1997.
23 - Lickey Incline, between Burcot and the summit at Blackwell. On the "York-Cross" railtour, D9000 tackles the 1 in 37 on a damp and misty morning (at 0942), taking the summit at 29mph with 12 mark 1 coaches. 30th August 1997.
24 - Peterborough. A private Pullman for the Pandrol company returning from York to Kings Cross pauses at platform 3. The driver is informed that he has only 55 minutes to get to Kings Cross and responds with a quick getaway at 1949. 7th October 1997.
D9000 races through Huntingdon

25 - Huntingdon. The "Deltic Scotsman" railtour hurtles through Huntingdon at 0757, in bright sunshine, on its way to Edinburgh. 6th September 1997.

* denotes on-train recording.


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