GOOD PULSATIONS Volume 6 - Deltics on audio CD

Volume 6

audio CD

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Good Pulsations Volume 6 CD cover

Deltic D9000 back on the main line, on tours and Virgin service trains.

Mostly from digital mini-disc original recordings
+ 5 recordings from hi-fi stereo tape

Recorded during 1997 to 1999.

Running time 74 minutes

Highlights include:
**On-train departure from Liverpool Lime Street
**Blasting out of Stafford (deputising for a class 86) on a Virgin service
**In the front cab doing 0 to 100mph out of Coventry on a service train.


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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 5:

D9000 departs Stafford...rapidly!

Here is the full recording list:

The DPS "Transpennine Deltic" 18th October 1997:
1* - At 1531, D9000 departs Liverpool Lime Street and tackles the 1 in 93 with load 12. High walls either side plus 4 high-roofed tunnels provide cathedral-like acoustics.
2* - About half way through the 3 miles of Standedge Tunnel, D9000 begins to open up.

Christmas 1997 "Hertfordshire Railtours":
3 - D9000 opens up on the down slow line through Huntingdon at 0934 with the "St.Nicholas Fayre". 29th November 1997.
4 - Some useful announcements are made at Grantham and a northbound class 91 passes through before the "Lindum Fayre" accelerates passed on its way back to Kings Cross at 1838 on a windy night. 7th December 1997.

RSG returns to 100mph running:
5 - The day after gaining its 100mph certificate, D9000 calls at Stafford on Virgin Trains' 0910 from Edinburgh (Deltic as far as Birmingham NS). Driver Alan Bun-Clark makes a vigorous departure at 1306. 15th November 1997.

Virgin Trains' Birmingham-Ramsgate return runs (summer Saturdays, 1998):
6 - Lea Hall. D9000 tears through at over 90mph (at 0705) near the start of the first Ramsgate run. 30th May 1998.
7 - Rugby. A class 87 pulls out in the background and then the Deltic accelerates passed at 0736 on a misty morning. 6th June 1998.
8 - Coventry. The returning service (for Edinburgh, but Deltic only as far as Birmingham NS) arrives and pulls away at 1617. 6th June 1998.
9 - Canley. The time is 1614 and the crossing barriers are coming down. D9000 pulls out of Coventry and passes by at close quarters at 59mph. 13th June 1998.
10* - Northampton. The Deltic opens up in the station and passes through Hunsbury Hill Tunnel. 27th June 1998.
11* - Milton Keynes. After a signal check, the driver opens up fully within the station confines - this leaves one very startled gentlemen seated in the station with eyes bulging and chin almost on the platform! 27th June 1998.
12* - Birmingham International. RSG blasts away from the station stop at 1626 (as a Euston train pulls in) on the final leg of the journey. 25th July 1998.
13* - Banbury. D9000 gets off the mark quickly. The mic. is pointing forwards, taking in the sounds from either side of the train. 1st August 1998.
14 - Birmingham New Street. After uncoupling, RSG moves a few feet, stops, then nearly over-loads the recording equipment blasting down to the platform end. The Deltic pauses to pick up one of the assistant engineers and then moves off swiftly, then photographers walk back up the platform. 1st August 1998.
15 - Tile Hill. Still picking up speed from its standing start from Coventry, RSG roars passed and away at 82mph (see front cover main photo). The sound fades as it passes through Beechwood Tunnel. 15th August 1998.
16 - Hampton-in-Arden. As aircraft rumble in the background, the outward leg of the Ramsgate trip can be faintly heard departing Birmingham International. By the time that it passes by, the speed has risen to about 80mph. 22nd August 1998.
17 - Birmingham International. The returning service from Ramsgate makes a hasty departure on time at 1626. A northerly breeze carries the sound of the exhausts roaring into the distance. 22nd August 1998.
18 - Carol Green (between Coventry and Birmingham). D9000 erupts from Beechwood Tunnel and passes under a bridge, heading back north. 29th August 1998.
19 - Kilsby Tunnel (south of Rugby). The warning alarm sounds in the tunnel and then D9000 emerges from the southern portal into appalling weather conditions (and a class 90 heads by into the tunnel). 5th September 1998.
D9000 front cab at Reading

20* - In the front cab of RSG departing Reading, a few minutes late after being held outside the station to allow an HST to overtake. We head towards Didcot on the main line at full power with Tim Wattison at the controls. 5th September 1998.
In D9000's cab at Reading

21* - Oxford. On time departure at 1516. The sound echoes around the hills as full power is applied. 5th September 1998.
22 - An unusual recording, and a brief 'appearance' of the Deltic passing at a closing speed of almost 200mph. Recorded from a Virgin service to Euston propelled by a class 87, D9000 flashes passed just north of Berkswell. 12th September 1998.
23* - In cab just after pulling out of Leamington Spa, full power is applied and the rail joints give some idea of our rate of acceleration.
24* - Chatham. We depart Chatham station and head through the tunnel on our way back to Birmingham. 26th September 1998.

Some other Virgin Trains workings:
25 - Lickey Incline. On its way to Birmingham from Plymouth, D9000 races passed on its way to the summit (taken at 56mph!) at 1521. 20th February 1999.
26 - Carlisle. The Deltic is started up at around 0850hrs prior to taking over a WCML working via the Settle and Carlisle line. 27th February 1999.
27 - Kirkby Stephen. On a starry but windy night, D9000 roars passed and into the distance. The signalbox bell-codes can be heard. 13th March 1999.

In D9000's cab at Coventry

And finally....
28* - In the driving cab at Coventry on one of the 1998 Ramsgate-BNS runs. The sound recordist had advised the driver that if the final field-divert stage can be reached in about 3 minutes, then he is doing well. With only 7 minutes left to do the 10 miles to the next stop at Birmingham International, driver Mark Sommers gets our train under way pretty swiftly. The ammeter needle is kept at around the 2000 mark until full power is reached. The driver induces a field-divert manually by easing off slightly (requiring more than one attempt). An EMU pulling out of Canley exchanges greetings with the Deltic - speed is now approx. 60mph. The side window is closed to keep out the draft. The final field-divert is brought in at a little over 80mph. We pass through the short Beechwood Tunnel. An actual speed of 102mph is reached before power is reduced.

* denotes on-train recording.


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