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Airborne Sounds CD cover

Sounds of classic aircraft engines. No commentary. No music.


- Vulcan
- B-17
- Lancaster
- Sea Fury
- Typhoon (jet)
- Hurricane
- Spitfire
- P51 Mustang
- Tucano
- Hercules
- Dakota
- YAK 11
- Tornado

Entirely recorded on state-of-the-art kit, which picks up the ground vibrations as well as every audio detail and the full atmosphere of the surroundings.

So... bolt your furniture to the floor, and enjoy!

Recorded during 2013.

Running time 73 minutes

Highlights include:

Spitfire starting up; Vulcan doing a spiral ascent; Lancaster and Tornado in formation; floor-shaking rumble of a B-17; Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire display at close quarters.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
Airborne Sounds playlist PDF

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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 28:

Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire circle around.

Vulcan approaches Cosford

Here is the full recording list:

1 - A Soviet WWII YAK 11 makes a low fly-pass. Cosby Victory Show.

2 - Another low fly-pass, this time a Hawker Hurricane (a small boy heard saying "It's a Spitfire", was incorrect!). Cosby Victory Show.

Hawker Hurricane at Cosby
A Hawker Hurricane swoops in to join the Cosby Victory Show, 2013.
3 - a) The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's (BBMF) Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire performing their display at Cosford. The Lancaster passes closely, with the two fighters in the background.
b) The BBMF trio gradually get back into formation. The Lancaster passes almost over-head, and the fighters pass in hot pursuit - one of them backfiring loudly (see photo below). After turning in the distance, they pass very closely in formation and head off towards Welshpool's airshow.

Hurricane and Spitfire at Cosford
Hurricane and Spitfire, Cosford, 2013.
4 - C-130J Hercules does a fly-passed. Cosford.

Hercules at Cosford
Hercules fly-passed, Cosford, 2013.
5 - (ed) The RNHF Sea Fury makes a distinctive sound with its massive radial engine (Bristol Centaurus, 53.6 litre, 18 cylinder radial), performing a display over Cosford.

6 - a) RAF The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Dakota swoops around Cosford, making that familiar twin-engine sound. b) The Dakota circles around again.

Dakota at Cosford
Dakota, Cosford, 2013.
7 - a) B-17 Sally B produces a lovely, lazy rumble from its four engines. Cosford.
b) The B-17 continues its display. It is not as loud as a Lancaster, but you can feel the vibrations in the ground!

B-17 bomber at Cosford
B-17, Cosford, 2013.
8 - An RAF Tucano makes a fast and low approach to Cosford from the west, with a high-pitched whine from its single gas-turbine engine.

9 - Spitfire ML407 starts up and taxis. Cosby.

10 - Spitfire ML407 takes off. Cosby.

11 - Spitfire ML407 performs a small display. Cosby.

12 - Spitfire ML407 parks up just after landing. Cosby.

13 - A P51 Mustang performs a display, whistling as it builds up speed. Cosby.

P51 Mustang at Cosby
P51 Mustang, Cosby, 2013.
14 - The Mustang continues its display. Cosby.

15 - The Mustang continues its display. Cosby.

16 - Hurricane R4118 takes off. Cosby.

Hurricane about to take off from Cosby
Hurricane prepares for take-off, Cosby, 2013.
17 - The YAK 11 makes a low fly-by. Cosby. (see photo below).

YAK 11 at Cosby
YAK 11, Cosby, 2013.
18 - Hurricane R4118 continues its display with gunfire in the background. Cosby.

19 - Hurricane R4118 continues its display. Cosby.

20 - The B17 arrives at Cosby and circles around. A vintage threshing machine can be heard running in the background. Cosby.

B-17 at Cosby
B-17 approaches some period farm machinery, Cosby, 2013.
21 - The B17 circles around again. Cosby.

22 - The B17 still rumbling as machine-guns fire in the distance! Cosby.

B-17 at Cosby
B-17 passes with bomb bay doors open, Cosby, 2013.
23 - The YAK 11 taxis and parks, turns through 180 degrees and blasts a few spectators with its back-draft! Cosby.

24 - (ed) A Tucano takes off promptly followed by Vulcan XH558 also taking off, and doing its characteristic roll turn to the right over-head (see photo below). The Vulcan gives a couple more ground-shaking roars. Waddington.

Vulcan at Waddington
The Vulcan just after take-off, Waddington, 2013.
25 - A Typhoon jet-fighter makes an unbelievable racket as it performs a high-speed display at Waddington. This recording picks up the full range of its sound qualities including the sub-bass vibrations.

Typhoon jet at Waddington
2 views of a Typhoon tearing up the air, at Waddington, 2013.
26 - a) Vulcan XH558 approaches Cosford from the west in formation with 2 light aircraft.
b) After the light aircraft had left, the Vulcan sweeps passed after a brief howl and then circles around again.
c) The Vulcan gets into position over the airfield area, and then makes a spiral ascent. Despite being a mile away, it still shakes up the ground! It quietly does a spiral descent, and then sweeps passed quite closely, before drifting back over the runway and making a final climb as it departs eastwards.

Vulcan at Cosford
The Vulcan roars over-head, Cosford, 2013.
27 - a) The BBMF Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire doing a superb display at Waddington. With only a robin singing as background sound, this recording captures the roar and the vibrations. All three pass in formation in the background, circle around and pass by more closely.
b) The Lancaster passes by on its own. The two fighters swoop passed in formation. The fighters then break formation.
Spitfire and Hurricane at Waddington
Spitfire and Hurricane, Waddington, 2013.
Spitfire at Waddington
Spitfire, Waddington, 2013.
c) The Spitfire is heard in the background and then it passes by very closely. Then the Hurricane sweeps passed. Both fighters are heard in the background before the Spitfire passes by again. The Hurricane is heard again just before the Spitfire cruises gently by. The Lancaster passes very low. The fighters are heard in the background and the bomber rumbles by.

Lancaster at Waddington
Lancaster, Waddington, 2013.
28 - Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire in formation, pass behind the microphone and circle to the left until in front, turning through about 200 degrees (see front cover main photo). They then straighten up and fly over the runway.

29 -(ed) Hurricane and Spitfire in formation, depart the airshow.

30 - Lancaster and Tornado in formation cruise gently passed, before the Tornado peels off to the right and roars off behind the microphone, tearing the air apart!

Tornado and Lancaster at Waddington
Tornado and Lancaster in formation, Waddington, 2013.
(ed) denotes recording edited down from a longer original.

Recordings, cover designs and photos are copyright of Ian Strange (2014).

For best results, listen to these recordings on a home stereo system in a quiet room. That way you can feel the floor and furniture vibrate! Also, avoid using headphones for the jet aircraft, as these may harm your hearing.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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