Blue Haze 1 - Archive sounds of Deltics on audio CD.

Blue Haze 1

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Blue Haze 1 CD cover

Archive sounds of Deltics in BR service, recorded by John Bachelor, Bob Mullins and Gary Thornton. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings digitally enhanced with an added pseudo-stereo effect.
Re-mastered again in 2016 for better quality and extended to 80 minutes.

Recorded during 1977 to 1981.

Running time 80 minutes

Highlights include:
*** Riding on the "Deltic Devonian" railtour (55016).
*** 55010 over-taken by 55007, near York.
*** 55006 blasts through Gas Works Tunnel.


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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 4:

Here is the full recording list:

"Deltic Devonian" railtour 28th November 1981:
1* - 55016 heading west from Ealing Broadway. We are signal-checked and the Deltic experiences wheel-slip. Wheel-flats on our coach help to give the sensation of acceleration. The field-divert stage provokes more wheel-slip, losing power just briefly. (JB)
2* - 55016 continuing towards Reading after another signal-check. (JB)
3* - 55016 storms the bank out of Exeter St. Davids to Exeter Central, and continues towards Pinhoe. (JB)
4* - 55016 passes Pinhoe and speed builds up rapidly as the track alternates between welded and jointed. The recording ends at Whimple. I could listen to this all day, as roaring Napiers combine with the rapid rail-joint rhythm. (JB)
5* - 55016 departs Salisbury. (JB)
6* - 55016 in the Brondesbury area of London. (JB)
7* - 55016 nears journey's end crossing north London. (JB)
8 - 55016 runs light out of London Liverpool Street. (JB)

1977 lineside recordings:
9 - 55012 rushes south through Peterborough. August 1977. (RM)
10 - At Sandy, 55012 is faintly heard approaching then the power is shut off. Full power is re-applied and it rushes through on the down "Silver Jubilee". 24th September 1977. (RM)

St. Neots, 10th June 1978:
11 - 55006 tears passed on the 0705 Edinburgh-Kings Cross. (GT)
12 - 55006 returns with the 1500 to Aberdeen, as youngsters shout. (GT)
13 - 55010 passes on the 1040 Aberdeen-Kings Cross. (GT)
14 - 55019 rushes passed on the 1200 Edinburgh-Kings Cross. (GT)

January 1980:
15 - 55014 departs Grantham on the 1956 York-Kings Cross, and roars into the distance, 11th January 1980. (GT)
16 - 55014 departs Peterborough on the 1220 Kings Cross-York. 12th January 1980. (GT)
17 - 55005 pulls out of Peterborough on the 0830 Hull-Kings Cross. 13th January 1980. (GT)

The first DPS railtour, "Deltic Detour", 14th October 1979:
18* - Departure bell rings at York, as David Williams (DPS Preservation Officer) just manages to scramble aboard. 55009 soon gets into its stride. (RM)

On-train recordings from 1980/81:
19* - 55013 departs Peterborough (1935 Kings Cross-Hull) 14/8/80. (GT)
20* - 55006 (see photo below) eases out of Kings Cross and almost stops at the tunnel entrance, before a great blast through Gasworks and Copenhagen Tunnels! (1405 Kings Cross-York) 21st September 1980. (GT)
55006 at Kings Cross 21 Sep 1980

21* - 55012 pulls away from a signal stop between Doncaster and Retford, on a York-Kings Cross semi-fast. 17th January 1981. (RM)

Kings Cross, 28th November 1981:
22 - Early morning at the buffer stops with the amazing scene of 4 Deltics (either 2 or 3 running) in adjacent platforms 5 to 8 (in order: 55007/8/13/10). One of the Deltics is heard uncoupling. (JB)
23 - Late evening light engine movements from 55010, doing the "Kings Cross shuffle", starting off from the east sidings. (JB)

On-train recordings from late 1981:
24* - a) On a train headed by 55010, while 55007 idles in the background.
b) 55010 departs York on the 1550 to Kings Cross, leaving behind 55007 which departs a few seconds later on the 1550 to Liverpool. As 55010 approaches Chaloners Whin Junction, 55007 overtakes swiftly as its drivers eases off power. After clearing the junction, 55010 opens up again. 5th December 1981. (JB)
25* - After easing slowly out of Kings Cross, 55009 enters Gasworks Tunnel and opens up. Wheel-slip occurs between the tunnels and again inside Copenhagen Tunnel, with full power re-applied each time. The exhausts roar loudly as we continue. 21st Dec. 1981. (JB)

14th November 1981:
26* - 55009 departs Peterborough on the "Deltic Cumbrian" tour, at about 2025hrs (platform 3 southbound), overtaking 55007. (JB)
27 - 55009 runs light out of platform 2, Kings Cross. (JB)
28 - 31408 departs Kings Cross at 2213hrs. 55007 then moves light up to the platform end. (JB)
29 - 55007 runs out of platform 3, Kings Cross, at 2215. (JB)
30 - a) Kings Cross at 2305hrs, with 55008 and 55009 in the background, 47542 departs for Gainsborough from platform 4. 55009 follows up behind and pauses. 55008 then runs out of platform 2, as 55009 idles. In the background, 55008 then runs into platform 6.
b) 55009 blasts out of the station, demonstrating how to shift 100 tons very quickly indeed! 55008 shuts down. (JB)

* denotes on-train recording.
(JB) denotes recording copyright of John Bachelor.
(RM) denotes recording copyright of Bob Mullins.
(GT) denotes recording copyright of Gary Thornton.


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