The BR Blues CD - Deltics and other locos on audio CD

The BR Blues

audio CD

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The BR Blues CD cover

Sounds from the final months of Deltics on BR, also including classes 31, 40, 46 and 47. At Kings Cross and along the East Coast Main Line.

All recordings made by John Bachelor. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings processed for a stereo effect.

Recorded during August to December 1981.

Running time approx. 79 minutes

Highlights include:
** Intensive action at Kings Cross. Light engine and ECS moves, arrivals and departures.
** Class 40s whistling at Kings Cross.
** Riding behind "Alycidon" and "Pinza" on the same day.


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The BR Blues playlist PDF

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Sample sound (mp3) from track number 14:

40075 taking empty stock out of Kings Cross.

Here is the full recording list:

14th August 1981:

1 - 47427 (on-train) departs Thirsk at 1620hrs with a Liverpool service.
2 - 55022 "Royal Scots Grey" departs York on the 1325 Edinburgh to Kings Cross.

Kings Cross, 20th September 1981:

3 - 55013 "The Black Watch" arrives at 1022hrs with an 18 coach train including 1 van! This was the 1915 (Saturday) from Aberdeen that the Deltic took over at Edinburgh, due in at 0708 (Sunday). It had extra coaches added at Newcastle and was routed via Cambridge. Not heard on these recordings, but for your interest: Due to the length of train and the fact that the van was 4th from the end, passengers in the last 3 coaches could not detrain. A class 31 was attached to rear and shunted last 3 coaches into adjacent platform, arriving 23 minutes later than main train at 1045!
4a - 55017 "The Durham Light Infantry" revs up a little as it arrives at 1035hrs with empty coaching stock. 31175 departs.
4b - 31191 runs out light.
5 - 31196 departs with 3 vans.
6 - 47522 departs with 3 coaches (ECS from the long train).
7 - 55013 runs light up to platform end.
8 - 55013 runs light out of station.
9 - 47522 departs at 1145, followed out by 55017 which brought in the stock.

Kings Cross, 31st October 1981:

10 - 31176 departs with vans and 46001 arrives with a Thomas Cook special, to a background of echoing announcements.
11 - A class 31 departs (ECS vans) as 55014 "The Duke of Wellington's Regiment" runs light up to platform end.

Kings Cross, 7th November 1981:

12 - 40075 provokes wheel-slip running light out of platform 5, then 55013 runs light out of platform 7.
13 - 55013 runs light into station.
14 - 40075 makes a lively departure, getting some wheel-slip, with ECS (louder horn from EMU 312711). 47418 runs light up to platform end (31222 in background) and heads out of station. Then 31402 departs (on sleeper ECS). 47467 runs light and pauses at platform end before accelerating away briskly (47418 in background).
15a - 40049 arrives with vans.
15b - EMU 312709 arrives, then 40049 runs light rapidly out of the station.
15c - To a background of announcements, 40049 backs onto some vans.
15d - 40049 makes a spirited departure with some vans.
16a - 55007 "Pinza" arrives with the 0807 from York.
16b - A class 31 departs with ECS, then 55007 runs light up the platform and stops at the signal.
16c - 55007 runs light out of the station, then reverses into the stabling point and shuts down.

14th November 1981:

17 - Onboard the "Deltic Cumbrian" tour behind 55009 "Alycidon", recovering from a check at Grantham. We pass an HST blasting its horn, then as we pass under a bridge, the Deltic's second engine comes on song.
18a - At Kings Cross, 55008 "The Green Howards" stands nearby (31218 heard briefly in the background) as 40060 backs onto empty stock. 40057 stands in the background.
18b - Kings Cross: 40057 runs light as 55008 idles.
18c - Kings Cross: 40057 backs onto empty stock.
19 - Kings Cross: 40057 departs at 2320hrs with sleeper and coaching stock.

Kings Cross, 21st November 1981:

20 - 55015 "Tulyar" attempts to move with its brake stuck on. 55015 had silver-grey fuel tanks and side roof grills, but no white cab surrounds.
21a - 55016 "Gordon Highlander" backs onto empty stock.
21b - 55016 departs with the ECS.
22a - 55010 "The King's Own Scottish Borderer" backs onto a train.
22b - 55010 has both engines idling as 46027 arrives.
23 - 55010 departs on the 1403 to York.
24a - 47076 "City of Truro" runs light.
24b - 47076 runs light out of station.
24c - 47076 departs.

28th November 1981:

25 - Kings Cross: 4 Deltics at the stops (2 or 3 running) in platforms 5 to 8. 55007/8/13/10. One Deltic revs slightly to uncouple. An HST departs in the background. (This is a longer version of that heard on "Blue Haze 1").
26 - Kings Cross: Announcements are made as 55016 arrives with the "Deltic Devonian" railtour.
27 - On-train behind 55016 making a lively departure from Finsbury Park. "Deltic Devonian" railtour.
28 - Kings Cross, late evening, as 55013 departs on the 2100 to Edinburgh and a class 31 runs into the station.

Grantham, 4th December 1981:

29 - On-train departure behind 47131 on the 2230 Kings Cross - Edinburgh.

York, 5th December 1981:

30 - 55019 "Royal Highland Fusilier" departs in the small hours (0418hrs), with the 0005 Kings Cross to Newcastle.

21st December 1981:

31 - On-train behind 55009 "Alycidon" departing Huntingdon on the 1403 Kings Cross to York. Deltic 9's exhausts were very loud!
32 - 55009 departs Peterborough with loud roaring exhausts (1403 Kings Cross to York).
33a - On-train behind 55007 "Pinza" departing Peterborough on the 1415 York to Kings Cross, as an HST passes with horns sounding.
33b - 55007 continues to accelerate, the engine revs dipping at the second field-divert stage.
34 - On-train behind 55007 departing Huntingdon (1415 York to Kings Cross).
35 - On-train behind 55007 departing Stevenage (1415 York to Kings Cross) recorded to Knebworth. Deltic 7 was sounding very sweet at this late stage.
36 - Kings Cross: 55007 runs light (HST standing nearby).

Kings Cross, 23rd December 1981:

37a - 55017 starts to pull away with the delayed 1603 to York at 1616, then halts.
37b - 55017 moves further, at 1618, its sound booming across the station.
38 - In the front cab of 55008 running light along platform 4 (having arrived from York at 1811hrs). Both engines were running.
39 - 55008 runs light and away into Gasworks Tunnel.


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