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Diesels 69-86 CD cover

Sounds of classic diesels, mostly in south-east England.

All recordings made by the late Ron Collen-Jones. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings processed for a stereo effect.

Recorded during 1969 to 1986.

Highlights include:
** On-train behind a class 40 departing Glasgow Queen Street.
** Riding on a Hastings DEMU with a horn-happy driver.
** Lots of action (mostly 31s, Peaks, 47s and DMUs) at Holloway and Wood Green.
** Deltic ("Ballymoss") storms up Holloway bank.


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Diesels 69-86 playlist PDF

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Here is the full recording list:

Note that these recordings have been edited to remove most of Ron Collen-Jones' commentary. The information he provided is included in this play-list.

Disc 1

Unknown date in 1971 - Glasgow Queen Street:
1 - Riding behind class 40 no.358, departing on the 1705 to Aberdeen. Judging by the gentle application of power at first, this train was presumably banked. The class 40 gradually builds up power. It sounds as though Ron was close to the loco, as the "Whistler" sounds superb!

26th September 1969:
2 - Riding behind class 31 no.D5641 on a down working, as we are passed by another 31. Our train calls at Harringay.
3 - We alight from the above service after arriving at Wood Green. Baby Deltic D5905 can be heard faintly in the background doing some shunting. The mic is taken up to D5641 as it departs.
4 - A light class 40 comes off the Hertford line and accelerates away through Wood Green, and then Deltic no.D9005 "The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire" cruises by. A DMU arrives, made up of two two-car sets.
5 - Outside Hornsey carriage sidings at 1600hrs, 5D08 (ECS for a Cleethorpes working) passes by hauled by class 40 no.279. The third coach from the front was E9129E, a Gresley buffet.

11th September 1970 - Outside Holloway south-up signalbox:
6 - Class 37 no.6814 passes and then a light class 40 no.273 also runs passed.
7 - Class 31 no.5645 passes on the 0848 to Baldock. A Rolls-Royce engined DMU trundles down the gradient, and then another class 31, no.5626 passes on 2B78.
8 - A class 47 comes slowly passed out of the goods yard, as a 31 no.5848 accelerates by on an ECS 5A45.
9 - As an aircraft passes overhead, the 0900 down service powers passed behind class 47 no.1761.
10 - A light 47 no.1110 sounds a warning on its way into Kings Cross to take a Leeds service.
11 - Class 31 no.5526 heads into Kings Cross. Another 31 passes swiftly in the same direction, applying the brakes. At the same time, class 47 no.1108 storms by on a down working, in green livery with white buffers and wheel-rims.
12 - Class 31 no.5625 on empty coaching stock.
13 - A DMU sounds some tuneful warnings and passes on a down service.
14 - Ron and another enthusiast comment on how immaculate the royal train loco is, as it approaches slowly. Another voice (presumably the signalman) adds some humurous observations. The loco is class 47 no.1537 hauling 1X01, including two 12 wheeled carriages, trundling by into The Cross.
15 - 2 DMUs racing each other up the gradient, the 0930 to Hertford and 0940 to Welwyn Garden City.
16 - Class 31 no.5599 powers passed on ECS and then another 31 no.5643, stops short of a signal so that Ron can photograph the overtaking class 37, no.6814! 5643 then pulls away, and I suspect it's the driver's voice we hear calling to Ron as it passes, crossing from goods to slow line.
17 - A DMU sounds warnings and motors passed up the gradient.
18 - Class 47 no.1552 sounds it horns and powers passed on 1S20, as a Cravens DMU accelerates from signals.

27th September 1971:
19 - Riding on a special empty stock working in the early hours of the morning. We are in a 12 wheeled preserved coach, in a rake of old coaches, with Southern steam loco no.21C123 hooked on the rear. Hauling us is class 33 no.6539. We are on our way to the Bluebelle Line where 21C123 was subsequently restored. We pass through Gomshall and Shere station as we clear the end of a temporary speed restriction.
20 - At Guildford later that day, as a class 33 idles in the background, an unusual shunter runs up and down. It sounds like an 0-4-0, and a similar engine sound to a class 06, but I'm not sure?
21 - Class 33 no.6559 departs Guildford on a Redhill to Reading working. The train consisted of a CCT, SK, BSK and CK.

31st August 1975 - the day of the Shildon 150 Cavalcade:
22 - After hauling a railtour via the WCML (1Z09, 0055hrs from Euston), 40032 makes a very spirited departure with the empty stock, from Darlington for Heaton carriage sidings.
23 - After the Shildon event had finished, the DMU shuttle service got busy. Announcements are made at Shildon. One of the DMUs departs, made up of multiple sets.

April 1969 - Redhill:
24 - Class 08 no.D3461 runs passed light, whistling to warn a p.w. crew.
25 - D3461 returns passed on the through road, with plenty of whistling.
26 - Class 73 no.E6011 arrives in the bay platform, running on its diesel engine.

22nd October 1971:
27 - Riding onboard a Hastings Unit no.1017, departing Sevenoaks for Hastings. We plunge into Sevenoaks Tunnel with horns blaring. We seem to have a horn-happy driver, as we emerge from the tunnel!

6th November 1973 - Riding behind class 40 no.286 on the 0815 Kings Cross to Cleethorpes:
28 - Passing through Wood Green slowly due to a 20mph temporary limit. Horns are heard from the 2B63 from Hatfield which passes us, hauled by a class 31. 286 then accelerates. Another class 31 flashes passed, horns blaring.
29 - 286 recovers from another speed restriction at Welwyn Garden City and then crosses the viaduct.

4th November 1970:
30 - Class 31 no.5591 heads through Wood Green with the 1621 to Cambridge.
31 - Class 47 no.1550 passes Wood Green on the 1630 to Cleethorpes, with Gresley buffet coach no.E9115, 5th from the front.
32 - Class 31 no.5593 arrives on the 1644 to Kings Cross at Wood Green. The mic is taken onboard the front carriage and we depart for the short sprint to Hornsey where we pick up some boisterous youngsters! We depart again quickly and then arrive at Harringay.
33 - Continuing the journey behind 5593, we depart Harringay and call at Finsbury Park. After easing off, we pass another class 31.
34 - Our journey's end as 5593 arrives at Kings Cross, platform 15, at 1700hrs.

Disc 2

November 1970 - Charing Cross:
1 - A long-winded announcement is made for a service that splits in two. I hope you understood the instructions!

7th December 1985:
2 - Hastings Unit 1003 passes Canons Park at 1603, heading for Stanmore.

29th April 1986:
3 - Hastings Unit 1012 passes Tonbridge on the 1345 Charing Cross to Hastings.

6th November 1970 - Wood Green:
4 - 3709, the Rowntree's shunter, propels a train through the station.
5 - Class 31 no.5649 on the 1410 Kings Cross to Welwyn Garden City, arrives and then quickly gets under way again.
6 - Class 40 no.282 on the 1420 to York, powers through.
7 - A Cravens DMU passes through.
8 - On our way back into London onboard a DMU, we descend Holloway Bank and get overtaken by a Deltic.

5th September 1984:
9 - Riding behind 47406 on the 0857 Glasgow to Stranraer Harbour, accelerating from an emergency permanent-way caution between Johnstone and Lochside. The train consists of vacuum-braked stock painted in Sealink livery.
10 - After alighting from the above service, 47406 departs Ayr.

14th January 1971 - South Hampstead:
11 - Class 40 no.359 storms through South Hampstead at 0818, on the 2216 Edinburgh-Willesden freightliner. This train had taken 68 minutes to get here from Finsbury Park.

10th August 1974 - Onboard a railtour "The North Yorkshireman" from St. Pancras to Scarborough, with 40048 hauling it on the final leg from York:
12 - Shortly after departing York, 40048 passes Strensall and accelerates along the jointed rails.

London Liverpool Street:
13 - As an immaculate class 47 (1528) stands at the head of a service awaiting departure, class 20 no.8056 runs up and down light engine, ending up in the loco sidings. 30th December 1970.
14 - Onboard a train hauled by class 31 no.5663, departing on the 2010hrs "Hook Continental" boat train to Harwich. The train consists of 10 coaches. Another 31 arrives (5526) and our train pauses at the platform end before getting underway again. 27th September 1970.

25th June 1970 - Clapham Junction:
15 - I've left Ron's commentary in, as he observes some rare locos, starting with a Warship (inaudible) and then a class 74 no.6102 arrives light engine, running on its diesel, as a 4-SUB EMU no.4719 passes through.

15th August 1970 - Loughborough:
16 - We are onboard a stationary St. Pancras bound service, hauled by a class 47 (inaudible), as a class 45 tears passed our open window with its horns sounding.

3rd April 1969 - Stratford:
17 - Class 37 no.D6748 sounds a warning and tears through on the 1330 Liverpool Street to Norwich.

7th November 1970 - Wood Green:
18 - Ron was in Wood Green briefly, and caught this one recording. Deltic no.9001 "St. Paddy" coasts by on 1A22 (1100 Newcastle to Kings Cross), and then a class 47 powers passed on the down Highwayman.

27th May 1983:
19 - On-train recording of 50010 "Monarch" departing Waterloo on the 0910 to Exeter. The class 50 eases off for a permanent-way caution.
20 - Continuing our ride with 50010, we get signal-checked just before arriving at Woking.
21 - After alighting, we hear 50010 depart Basingstoke, as 47151 (sporting red buffer-beams) arrives on a freightliner.
22 - 47151 departs Basingstoke on the 0844 Southampton Maritime to Ripple Lane (4E66). The guard dashed across the line, as the train moved to the platform end for him, then the 47 gets to grips with its heavy load.
23 - 50022 "Anson" arrives at Basingstoke on a service from Exeter.
24 - 50022 makes a brisk departure from Basingstoke. A Bournemouth bound EMU (incl. 4-REP no.6 at the rear) passes, sounding some warnings. 4-VEP no.7704 arrives. Class 204 Hampshire DEMU no.1402 stands in the background as another DEMU arrives.

14th March 1972 - Hitchin:
25 - A Deltic (possibly 9008 "The Green Howards"?) coasts up quickly, and then the driver applies full power! Then an unidentified loco on a goods train (maybe a Peak or 47?) passes slowly.
26 - Class 45 no.109 passes at speed.
27 - A Deltic cruises by on 1A11 (0810 Newcastle to Kings Cross), its engine note dipping for its field-divert. It had been signal-checked to allow the 1100 to Baldock to cross its path.
28 - Class 31 no.5642 arrives on the up buffet service.

25th September 1970 (evening):
29 - At Wood Green, (at about 2050hrs), class 40 no.284 roars through on a freightliner. Then a Cravens/MetCam DMU combination departs.
30 - A DMU arrives at Wood Green.
31 - The DMU departs ECS from Wood Green.
32 - Still at Wood Green, the 2030 Kings Cross to Royston passes 5 minutes late behind a class 31. Ron observed a cardan-shaft glowing red under a motor-coach, and sparks from a bogie on a trailer car! I think we could hear a wheelset lock up briefly?
33 - Class 31 no.5590 runs light through Wood Green and then a Rolls-Royce engined DMU arrives and we get onboard. Shortly after departure, a Deltic passes us with the characteristic "whoosh"!
34 - Continuing the above DMU journey, we arrive at Kings Cross, passing another Deltic in the station.

2nd October 1981 - Finsbury Park:
35 - The last Deltic-hauled 1305 Kings Cross to Cleethorpes service, passes, headed by 55011 "The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers". Deltics are often wrongly reported as running on "one engine", but Ron rightly commented on this one, as Deltic 11 only had one power-unit working.
36 - The 1350 departure from Kings Cross, is an HST with 43123 at the rear, powering through.
37 - 37170 on the down Cambridge sand empties, comes tearing along the slow line rather fast!

1st March 1969 - outside Holloway up-south signalbox. There was a shortage of Deltics during this period, after Napier ceased doing engine overhauls and also when the class were receiving modifications:
38 - 1300 Kings Cross to Newcastle (1A32) hauled by class 47 no.D1762, powers passed climbing the bank.
39 - 1320 departure, 1N16, hauled by class 47 no.D1105, heads by.
40 - Class 31 no.D5589 on the 1330 buffet express to Cambridge. It was running neck and neck with a DMU service to Hertford.
41 - Class 31 hauling ECS out of Kings Cross (3A07 on the headcode). Prototype lounge car no.E14900 was in the consist.
42 - D5649 runs light down the bank.
43 - 1404 to Cambridge Cravens DMU, motors passed, with the engine on no.E51301 shut down (1 out of the 3 engines on this set).
44 - Class 46 no.D168 storms passed on 1A38, having taken 2.5 minutes from Kings Cross.
45 - With the Deltic shortage, even class 31s sometimes appeared on class 1 expresses. We hear 1L44 hauled by an unidentified class 31, passing at 1905hrs.
46 - Earlier in the day, Ron did manage to record just one Deltic. D9018 (2-tone green and full yellow ends) "Ballymoss" roars passed and away on 1A36 (1400 Kings Cross to Edinburgh).


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