An Electric Awayday - Audio CD

An Electric

by Rob Watts

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An Electric Awayday CD cover
Nostalgic sounds of classic locomotives one day in 1981, at Watford Junction and Finsbury Park. Plus some bonus recordings from Haymarket and Honeybourne stations.

Recorded by Rob Watts. Published by Ian Strange.

Featuring electric classes 82, 83, 85, 86 and 87, 310, 312 and 313.
Featuring diesel classes 25, 31, 47, DMU, HST and Deltic.

Stereo recordings from 1981.

Highlights include:
** Class 85s roar through.
** Push-pull class 47 departs Haymarket.
** Intensive EMU and HST activity.


Price includes worldwide postage.

You can download a pdf version of the playlist:
An Electric Awayday playlist PDF

Here is the full recording list:

Watford Junction - 8th January 1981

1 - Watford Junction at 12.29pm, class 87 no. 87025 passes heading north with an express, then at 12.30pm 85022 hoots as it passes with a parcels train bound for Euston.

2 - 47064 trundles past four minutes later with a north bound cement train.

3 - Next, class 86 no. 86250 "The Glasgow Herald" passes going south at 12.41pm.

4 - Three minutes later, 87021 "Robert the Bruce" passes heading for London. Shortly after, class 25 no. 25311 passes north bound light engine.

5 - At 12.48pm, 86220 "Goliath", 85024 and another locomotive pass with an express for London.

6 - At 12.51pm 87008 "City of Liverpool" passes going to Euston.

7 - The station announcer announces the arrival of the 12.39pm to Euston. The unit is 310087. Once again the announcer can be heard announcing the arrival of a train, this time, however, the unit 310048 is going to Bletchley. As it leaves, 86205 passes going to London. The time is 1254.

8 - The time is 12.58pm. 83015 passes with a north bound oil train.

9 - At 1.06pm 86260 passes. Unit 310060 arrives on platform 9. Both trains were bound for London. Just before the unit leaves, 87034 "William Shakespeare" passes going north. Some workmen can be heard on an adjacent platform.

10 - At 1.19pm, 87010 "King Arthur" passes going north.

11 - 87026 "Redgauntlet" passes in the opposite direction. 310065 arrives with the Birmingham service, as it arrives 82004 passes northbound with a short flat wagon train.

12 - As 310065 leaves a different announcer broadcasts that the 13.31 is running late.

13 - 87011 "The Black Prince" speeds past towards London at 1.26.

14 - Then 86226 "Mail" rushes past north bound and passes class 86 no. 86103 which is on its way to London.

15 - The time is 1.58 and 87001 "Royal Scot" passes northbound.

16 - Class 310 no.059 arrives with the Euston service. A class 25 no. 25036 hoots in the distance. As the unit leaves, 87023 "Highland Chieftain" speeds past northbound.

17 - Then 86016 passes light engine and 25036 approaches Watford's yard with an engineer's train, as it does so, it hoots. An aircraft can be heard overhead.

Finsbury Park

18 - At 3.39pm, HST power-car 43083 passes with 43112 at the rear.

19 - Then at 3.41 another HST passes with power-cars 43096 and 43102 going to Kings Cross. A class 313 no. 313004 enters the station. Finally class 31 no. 31218 saunters through the station with empty stock.

20 - At 3.45 313047 enters Finsbury Park as Deltic 55002 "The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry" passes heading for the terminus.

21 - An HST set passes north bound with power-cars 43116 and 43086. Then a south bound HST passes with 43069 and 43084 in charge. 313009 is heard leaving.

22 - A class 312 enters the station as an HST set with power-cars 43087 and 43061 head north bound.

23 - Deltic 55008 passes going north at 4.11pm. A class 313 no. 313044 leaves the station shortly followed by 313047.

24 - An HST set with power-cars 43070 and 43101 stops for a second on a disused platform before making for Kings Cross. During the HST's arrival, a Moorgate train arrives with units 313054 and 313003. The time is 4.16pm.

25 - An HST power-car no. 43058 hoots as the set enters the station. Bringing up the rear of the train is 43095. After the HST passes, 313050 leaves.

26 - Next another empty stock train passes but with 31408 in charge this time. A class 313 no. 313048 leaves going north and 313061 arrives going south.

27 - An HST set passes making for Kings Cross. Power-cars 43067 and 43107 are in charge.

28 - At 4.56pm, 43079 and 43106 power the next London HST, as a class 312 leaves. 313028 and 313031 are heard arriving.

29 - 31218 passes north bound at 5.24pm. 313050 and 313051 arrive going to Welwyn Garden City.

30 - Then another HST with power-cars 43060 and 43068 pass heading north, as 313013 and 313044 arrive. Another 313 leaves. Class 31 no. 31403 passes with a parcels train.

31 - A little later 312701 passes at speed. Another 312 is heard leaving.

32 - A class 312 no. 312705 passes north bound as a class 47 no. 47569 passes light engine in the opposite direction.

Haymarket - 28th March 1981

33 - Haymarket at 3.42pm. An Edinburgh - Glasgow push-pull train leaves bound for Waverley. The locomotive is 47702 "St. Cuthbert".

34 - At 4.38, a DMU bound for Carstairs skids to a halt, and as it leaves, a Deltic no. 55018 "Ballymoss" passes light engine, and after a short pause in the tunnel, continues to Waverley.


35 - DMU set 412 stops, and after a short wait, leaves for Reading. The cars are 51389, 59499, 51347. The time is 3.00.


Price includes worldwide postage.

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