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by Ian Strange

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A useful service for Youtube channel owners:

If you have audio (including video sound) that lacks quality, then I can enhance and restore it.

If you have a sound-track that needs editing, maybe with faults to clip out, I can do that for you.

I can even take mono and create a pseudo-stereo sound using techniques I developed myself.

I can do the following:

- Edit and mix recordings including video sound-tracks.

- Cut out defects or unwanted sounds.

- Enhance poor quality recordings (e.g. remove bass to reduce wind-buffeting or reduce harshness of an indoor recording).

- Create pseudo-stereo from mono - this is labour-intensive and thus more expensive (typically 1.50 to 2.00 per minute of recording).

- Restore deteriorated or defective recordings. Improvements can be quite dramatic, but note that there are limitations if the material is extremely poor.

- Graphic art (e.g. album covers), as I am also a life-long artist (traditional pencil and computer art).

- I can also do photo editing services.

A typical "ball-park" fee for enhancing a harsh video sound-track, would be about 15 for about 5 to 10 minutes of video. A longer video/audio would not necessarily cost a lot more, unless it required editing too.

I prefer to offer a fixed fee rather than hourly. Feel free to let me know what you need doing, and I'll work out a fee for you.

For enquiries you can
e-mail Ian.

Samples of enhanced recordings (before and after):

Archive mono recording of station announcement, enhanced and given pseudo-stereo effect:

Another archive mono station announcement, spoiled by excessive handling noise. Noise removed, quality enhanced, plus pseudo-stereo:

Mono recording of sports car passing at speed, enhanced plus pseudo-stereo added:

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