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double audio CD

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Haste Ye Back CD cover

Sounds of classic diesel and electric locos, DMUs and EMUs, in Scotland.

All recordings made by the late Ron Collen-Jones. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings processed for a stereo effect.

Recorded during 1969 to 1975.

Highlights include:
** Class 20s banking iron-ore trains.
** Riding behind a class 40 calling at Haymarket.
** Small Sulzer action at Carstairs.
** Riding onboard a 12 wheeled sleeper, behind a pair of 27s.
** Riding behind a class 29 on the West Highland Line.


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Here is the full recording list:

Note that these recordings have been edited to remove most of Ron Collen-Jones' commentary. The information he provided is included in this play-list.

Disc 1

3rd January 1969:
1 - On-train behind a pair of class 26s, D5320/D5341, on the 1635 Inverness to Glasgow, arriving and departing Carrbridge. Recorded from the BSK at the front of the 10 coach train, which included a TPO as far as Perth.
2 - Continuing the above ride, as we arrive and depart Aviemore, where a large crowd of passengers squeeze onto the train.
3 - Earlier in the day, we ride behind class 47 no.D1971 on the 0805 Edinburgh to Aberdeen. We leave Montrose only to be stopped at a red flag at Montrose North Box. We then proceed at caution.
4 - D1971 continues its journey at Kinnaber Junction, where we pause for the driver to pick up an order to pass the signal at danger.

9th July 1975 - Carstairs:
5 - 27204 and 27210 depart on the 1600hrs push-pull to Edinburgh. 27002 idles.
6 - As 27002 stands at the head of the 1610 to Dundee, 26023/26040 arrive from Fort William. 27002 + 27011 depart.
7 - 27021 takes away the empty train the 26s had arrived with, and with 26040/26023 assisting at the rear, the 8 coach train accelerates fast! 26023 was lurching from side to side as it negotiated the pointwork.
8 - A station announcement echoes across the station.
9 - A MetroCam DMU arrives. 27103 + 27101 (no tail-lights) depart on the 1630hrs.
10 - 24096 (ex-works condition) arrives, as a class 27 departs for Mallaig.

29th October 1974 - Rutherglen:
11 - 20122 runs passed light engine.
12 - 20108/20100 pass with a goods train.
13 - Class AM3/1 EMU no.072 arrives and departs on a down working. 87034 passes light engine.
14 - 87031 passes on the down "Royal Scot". Then a man walks up and asks Ron for a knife!
15 - 20093/20109 pass on a ballast train at 1023hrs.
16 - Just after the previous recording, 40064 storms passed on a mixed train of 50 and 100 ton Cemflo wagons.
17 - A single car DMU (Sc55002) passes with horns sounding, then an EMU passes.
18 - 20100/20108 return, heading towards Polmadie.
19 - 37145 runs passed light, sounding horns, but one of them is faulty.
20 - 20104/20080 power passed.
21 - We moved about a mile west, to Muirhouse Junctions, and hear 26020 run by light engine, from the terminus branch.
22 - A class 45 still carrying its pre-TOPS number, 24. Signal-checked at the junction, it accelerates briefly, hauling 1S49.
23 - Pioneer Blue Train EMU set, no.001, trundles by on a service to Kirkhill.

11th August 1969 - Prince's Street Gardens, Edinburgh:
24 - This recording is a bit 'shaky', but I've included it for rarity value. Deltic no.D9006 "The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry", runs by light engine. It had come off the 0800hrs from Kings Cross and carried the headcode 0A16.

22th August 1969:
25a - On-train riding behind class 40 no.D357 arriving at Haymarket. Ron had just left the Edinburgh Military Tattoo late at night.
25b - D357 departs Haymarket.
26 - After terminating at Perth, D357 draws its train forwards, as a member of staff announces "tea on the platform"!
27 - D357 propels the front 2 BGs from its train, through Perth station.
28 - Now much further north at Brora station. We're onboard a stationary train headed by class 24 no.D5132, as another class 24 no.D5123 departs on a late morning service from Inverness.
29 - D5132 accelerates just after departing Brora, southbound, with a 9 coach train (on-board).
30 - Riding on a class AM3/1 no.032 calling at Uddingston.

6th January 1969 (the day that the Waverley Route closed):
31 - Riding behind class 29 no.D6130 on the 1635 Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig. Loco Inspector is driving as we depart Garelochhead, proceeding cautiously at first before fully opening up. I've included the full 10 minutes of the original recording. After all, how often to we get to hear a 29?!

27th January 1970 - Waterside Colliery:
32 - Class 27s D5405/D5374 roll gently in with a mineral train from Ayr. Steam loco no.10 is also heard.
33 - D5405/D5374 do some shunting.

12th September 1973 - Paisley:
34 - A pair of class 20s with their pre-TOPS numbers, 8179/8011, pass through with 6Z72, air-braked oil tankers.
35 - Class EM3/1 025/110 depart for Glasgow as 002 arrives on a service for Gourock.

31st January 1970 - Glasgow Queen Street:
36 - Onboard behind class 27s 5355/5412 departing on the 1635 to Fort William.

Disc 2

1 - At Glasgow Queen Street, a few announcements are made. Unknown date in 1971.
2 - Riding behind class 40 no.363 departing Glasgow Queen Street on the 1705 to Aberdeen. Riding in a maroon SK no.24562. Our departure is banked by class 29 no.6128, which can only be faintly heard as we start to move. Another (earlier) unknown date in 1971.
3 - After alighting from the above service at Stirling, Ron chats with the driver of 363 before it departs.

11th March 1975 - Pitlochry:
4 - 24129/26023 depart for Inverness.
5a - 47550 arrives on the "Clansman" at 1249hrs.
5b - 47550 draws its train forwards.
5c - 47550 departs in the background and powers into the distance.

31st August 1974:
6 - Riding behind 40065 arriving at Haymarket, as 27112 also arrives. Then 40065 makes a lively departure, passing 27105 at the rear of the push-pull service alongside us.
7 - Edinburgh Waverley: 40160 departs as do 27102 + 27123 on a push-pull.
8 - Edinburgh Waverley: A class 40 runs light in the background as 26001 passes with a cement tanks.
9 - Prince's Street Gardens, Edinburgh: 27106 + 27210 depart on a push-pull service to Glasgow. A DMU toots and passes.
10 - Prince's Street Gardens, Edinburgh: 08714 squeaks to a halt outside the tunnel with a rake of coaches, and then propels them back into Waverley.

14th July 1970:
11 - Onboard the 2040 Euston-Stranraer departing Girvan, hauled by a pair of class 27s. We're riding on a 12 wheeled 1st class sleeper, no.M398M, which has since been preserved. This train has 13 coaches in total.
12 - At Stranraer Harbour, class 27 no.5388 does some shunting.

21st August 1971:
13 - Class 40 no.361 departs Ayr on 1S36 (1628 Ayr-Newcastle).

24th August 1971:
14 - The 1330 from Glasgow, a 6-car Swindon DMU including motor-coach Sc51015 arrives and departs Prestwick.
15 - An early class 24 no.5003 passes on a mixed goods train of mineral wagons and bogie-bolsters, at Prestwick.

31st October 1974 - Pollokshields East:
16 - A DMU passes and then we hear the two-tone siren of an ambulance. An iron-ore train standing in the background, starts to move and passes by hauled by 20104/20103. An EMU is heard at the end.
17 - Pilot loco 20121 powers passed on an ore train assisted by 20109/20090 at the rear. An EMU no.087 arrives and departs.
18 - A class 24 passes with an iron-ore train, along the GSW avoiding line.
19 - Peak no.101 passes on the Thames-Clyde Express for London.
20 - Another iron-ore train gets under way, hauled by 20121 with 20100/20108 at the rear, at 1050hrs.


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