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LMR CD cover

Sounds of classic diesel and electric locos, DMUs and EMUs, in the London Midland Region.

All recordings made by the late Ron Collen-Jones. Restored and published by Ian Strange.

Mono recordings processed for a stereo effect.

Recorded during 1969 to 1975.

Highlights include:
** Late night ECS action at Kilburn.
** Double-header 50s on the WCML.
** Peaks at St. Albans.
** Several class 25s in action.
** Class 501 EMUs, including a shower of sparks in a blizzard!
** A class 40 storms through South Hampstead on a freightliner.


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Here is the full recording list:

Note that these recordings have been edited to remove most of Ron Collen-Jones' commentary. The information he provided is included in this play-list.

Disc 1

15th November 1971:
1 - Euston: Class 25 no.7660 moving some empty stock.
2 - Euston: The station pilot, class 25 no.7535, with very squeaky brakes, performs it shunting duties.
3 - Euston: Class 86 no.E3147 departs with the 0935 to Bangor. A class 25 is heard in the background as class 86 no.E3112 backs onto its train (1S57) in the background. Then class 85 no.E3064 runs passed light.
4 - Crewe: Class 25 no.7601 propels a dead class 40 no.206.

5 - An ECS train passes in the late evening (5P54), including a couple of 12 wheelers. Then class 86 no.E3112 runs passed light towards Primrose Hill. 12th May 1970.
6 - E3112 run passed light again ready to haul 4P64. 12th May 1970.
7 - Class 85 no.E3078 runs passed light engine. 31st March 1970.

18th February 1973:
8 - Class 501 EMU, unit no.157, arrives at Kilburn High Street. The mic is taken onboard and we depart for Euston.
9 - Crewe: Class 40 no.214 backs onto the 1020 Euston to Liverpool, taking over from the usual electric due to engineering work on the line.
10 - 214 departs Crewe for Liverpool Lime Street with enthusiastic use of the horns.
11 - 1500 volt d.c. EMU no.004 arrives at Crewe from Altringham. Class 40 no.370 arrives with a 20 wagon freightliner.
12 - The 1220 from Glasgow arrives at Crewe with a pair of class 50s, nos.434 and 413.

6th July 1971:
13 - We are onboard the 0800 Euston to Glasgow, hauled by class 50s 412 and 429, held at a signal for 12 minutes at milepost 30 (at Dinwoodie on the climb to Beattock). 1M20 charges passed us hauled by another pair of 50s.

22nd February 1972:
14 - Riding behind class 50 no.408 on the 0925 Crewe to Carlisle. We are accelerating from a p.w. restriction at Wayland. We pass a class 40 no.335 on a ballast train.

14th January 1975 - Kilburn:
15 - 40058 on 4E84 stands on the up slow having been held at a signal for 20 minutes. It then pulls away.

South Hampstead:
16 - A class 25 no.D5270 approaches, sounding a pair of very lazy sounding horns! It passes by hauling a fully fitted train (incl. conflats, etc.) bound for Camden yard. M51676/51889 plus 2 other cars, made up a passing Derby DMU. 16th June 1970.
17 - A freightliner (4M72) running 2 hours late, approaches, hauled by class 40 no.360. The 40 storms passed and the wagons make their characteristic "howl". 18th March 1971.
18 - 1628 passes by light engine. 11th January 1971.

30th January 1974 - St. Albans:
19 - Class 45 no.136 arrives with its cooling fan whining, on a service to Derby. Then a 4-car DMU (Rolls-Royce engined) departs for Luton.
20 - Class 47 no.1806 charges by on an empty MGR down working.
21 - Peak no.125 arrives and departs for St. Pancras.

22 - A class 86 passes on the "up" on 4M56. 17th February 1970.
23 - Class 86 no.E3128 runs passed light engine, possibly heading for Queen's Park. 17th February 1970.
24 - Class 82 no.E3052 passes, and then an ECS (5P54) train heads by hauled by an 86, with 2 LMS 12 wheelers plus an LMS 8 wheeler (4th from front) included in the consist, as an EMU arrives. 11th May 1970.
25 - During a blizzard, the 2119 to Euston, a 6 coach EMU, arrives with smoke coming from all wheels. An express rushes through. Then the smoking EMU (nos.159/145) departs with a huge shower of sparks, very audible! 19th February 1969.

22nd February 1972:
26 - Riding behind class 50 no.408 on the 0925 Crewe to Carlisle, as the train pauses to set down a pilotman north of Oxenholme. We pass a class 40.

25th March 1969:
27 - We are onboard 1310 Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield Victoria service hauled by class 76 no.E26055, standing at Guide Bridge. A class 25 no.D5200 departs on a goods train nearby, then we depart at 1719hrs. Our train is only 5 coaches in length.

28 - A class 81 passes on the 1015 to Glasgow with 2 BGs at the rear. 5th August 1969.
29 - Class 85 no.E3073 passes hauling a rake of BGs + a BSK at the rear (5D26). 5th August 1969.
30 - A class 84 on 1S18 passes. 3rd April 1970.
31 - Class 82 no.E3052 passes with horns blaring on 1F10, heading for Stonebridge Park. 25th June 1970.
32 - As an EMU arrives on the 2219 to Watford, class 84 passes with empty stock (incl. two LMS 12-wheelers) 5P54 on the slow line. May 1970.
33 - An AM10 sounds its horns as it sweeps by on the down-fast, and 87018 passes on the up-slow with ECS. Another EMU heads by on the 2032 to Euston (units 173/179). 1st June 1974.

May 1970 - Wembley Park:
34 - As a local service squeaks to a halt, battery locos nos.53/55 running light to Watford to pick up ballast wagons.

11th January 1971 - South Hampstead:
35 - Class 85 no.E3083 passes on empty stock (5A50) including 5 ex-LMS 12 wheelers.

36 - The 2258 Kilburn to Euston accelerates away (class 501 EMU) sounding warnings. 8th January 1975.
37 - An EMU on the 2319 to Euston sounding warnings to p.w. staff at trackside. 28th January 1973.

7th June 1974 - Preston:
38 - 50041 arrives at platform 3 on 1S76 and is then uncoupled and runs off light engine. Almost inaudible is a class 83 passing in the background on a car transporter with only 1 car! Then a BR staff member chats with Ron about some of the current procedures and the changes in motive power taking place. 86220 backs onto its train.
39 - 47534 running light, does a high speed "take off"!
40 - 83008 (on a car train) and 86200 (1M46) both arrive.
41 - As 40144 idles in the background, 40109 arrives on the 1917 Blackpool to Manchester. A class 87 arrives in the background on the 1645 Euston to Glasgow. 40109 then makes a rousing departure. In the background, 87010 arrives as does a DMU.
42 - 87021 arrives and 40182 runs off light engine.

16th September 1970 - Kilburn:
43 - A class 86 passes along the down-fast line on the 2015 to Wolverhampton. Then class 25, no.D7536, heads by on a trip working to Willesden.
44 - The 2020 off Euston (1S05) passes by hauled by a class 84. An ex-work LMS 8 wheeler was second from the rear.
45 - I've left in Ron's commentary this time, as this is an unusual recording. He sees an empty stock train (5P54) approaching fast and braking very hard for a red signal. It stops just in time, with sparks around carriage wheels. The train then eases forwards to the signal. The loco was not identified, but was probably a class 86.

9th June 1974:
46 - Onboard a service hauled by 87019 (1050 Euston to Liverpool) standing at Tring station (signal WJ107). We are then hand-signalled passed WJ107. We pass another 87 on the up-slow, also being hand-signalled. There was single line working, with 3 lines closed.

Disc 2

8th August 1969 - St. Albans:
1 - A pair of class 47s running light, head passed. They were nos.D1694 and either D1670 "Mammoth" or D1675. The headcode at the rear was 1M15, suggesting it had previously taken a diverted overnight sleeper.
2 - Class 45 no.D121 cruises through at speed on the 1250 St.Pancras to Sheffield.
3 - D114 tears through, horns blaring, on a diverted Manchester to Euston express at about 1325hrs. The coaching stock was all western region mark 2s.
4 - D39 (green livery) passes through on a Sheffield to St. Pancras express.
5 - D20 storms through on the 1320 to Derby, and a few seconds later D40 passes with horns sounding on the up "blue train" (BRUTE parcels train) from Leeds (7 carriages).
6 - D79 sounds a warning and tears through on an express from Sheffield.

23rd February 1973:
7a - Riding behind class 45 no.94 in the guard's van, as we depart Sheffield on the 1231 to Birmingham.
7b - Continuing our journey with no.94, speed has built up on the jointed rails.
7c - 94 accelerates away from a temporary speed restriction.

12th July 1969 - Cricklewood station just after an open day with lots of folk heading home:
8 - Class 47 no.D1575 tears through on the down "Master Cutler", just before a class 25 no.5218 passes on a train of empty coaches and parcels vans.
9 - D97 gives a burst of acceleration as it passes through light engine, headcode 0C00, travelling north.
10 - An unidentified Peak passes at speed on a down express, the 1850 St. Pancras to Leicester.
11 - A Rolls-Royce engined DMU arrives on a Bedford service, as a St. Pancras bound DMU (2C33) arrives in the foreground.

25th November 1974 - Harlington on the Midland Main Line:
12 - 25167 passes on a goods working and then 45124 passes on a down express with a rake of mark 2c coaches.
13 - Heard from just north of Harlington, a slight distance back from the lineside: 45138 passes on a down express with mark 1 stock. Then 45105 powers passed on an up express of mark 1 coaches on Commonwealth bogies.

6th August 1972 - Derby:
14 - Class 45 no.67 arrives at platform 4, on a railtour from York to St. Pancras (1Z96). The train must have pulled far up the platform as we hear frantic foot-steps rushing to this train.
15 - On-train behind no.67 as its cooling fan starts up. We then depart Derby 10 minutes late.

15th August 1970 - London St. Pancras:
16 - We are riding on the "Thames-Clyde Express" departing St. Pancras, hauled by a named class 47. The train is 12 coaches in length weighing 425 tons.

13th July 1970 - London Euston:
17 - The "Royal Highlander" departs platform 15, hauled by class 85 no.E3075.

2nd August 1969 - Kilburn:
18 - 1234 Kilburn to Euston arrives comprised of a pair of 3-car units (nos.169/158). The mic is taken onboard and we depart.

South Hampstead:
19 - A class 84 passes with empty stock (5A50), including 5 LMS 12 wheelers, on the slow line. 5th April 1970.
20 - A class 86 sounds some warnings and passes on 5M30. 5th April 1970.
21 - Unit no.049 sounds its horns and passes on the 2010 to Birmingham. 9th July 1970.
22 - As a DMU motors by, a class 85 no.E3083 passes with empty stock (5A50) including 5 LMS 12 wheelers. 11th January 1971.

23 - As a light aircraft passes over, an EMU (unit 183) arrives and departs on the 1018 Euston to Watford. 14th January 1971.
24 - Class 25 no.7668 accelerates passed on 5M45. Horns of a class 86 are heard, and it passes on the up-slow with a rake of BGs. Then an EMU arrives and departs on the 1034 to Euston. 20th January 1971.

16th April 1970 - South Hampstead:
25 - An EMU (091/061) sounds warnings and passes at speed on 2A08.

20th November 1971 - Crewe:
26 - Class 50s nos.400/439 run passed light out of the station, and class 86 no.E3155 backs onto its train. 439/400 then come back into the station.
27 - 400/439 are heard in the background, as class 25s nos.5282/7556 trundle passed light.
28 - 400/439 depart on 1S63 and a Liverpool EMU also sets off.
29 - Class 81 no.E3097 runs out light engine.
30 - E3097 rolls back into the station.
31 - 1M20 arrives hauled by class 50s nos.403/433. DC unit no.017 leaves on the 1430 to Altringham.
32 - Class 85 no.E3059 comes in light engine.
33 - A Derby DMU departs and exchanges horn greeting with E3059's driver.
34 - Class 08 no.3984 whistles and passes hauling a brake van towards the works.

23rd April 1974 - A long visit to Preston shortly before the full electric service to Glasgow was inaugurated:
35 - 50047 comes through on a freight. 50022 runs light into the station.
36 - 50022 departs on 1S47, the 0800 Euston to Glasgow. Departmental DMU no.TDB975227 arrives and departs.
37 - Ex-work 86247 departs.
38 - Class 40 no.316 departs.
39 - 50036 arrives on 1A45.
40 - 50036 departs for London. 40082 arrives.
41 - A DMU departs in the background. After a crew change, 40082 gets under way again as another class 40, no.298, arrives in the background.
42 - 298 takes 2 GOVs out of the station and then propels them onto the front of a London bound parcels train.
43 - 86224 arrives on the 0905 from Euston (1P18), as 298 stands. A number of BRUTE wagons clatter along the platform and then 298 departs. A class 50 arrives in the background on an up service.
44 - 50038 runs light.
45 - 50038 idles as a 2-car Cravens DMU accelerates away swiftly. A 3-car DMU comes up the Blackpool line. 50010 departs on 1M27 to Liverpool Lime Street. 08301 propels a pair of CCTs. 50038 runs out light. The 08 is heard again before 50038 returns into the station.
46 - 40048 passes through on a goods trains. A class 50 makes a lively departure on 1J42 filling the station with smoke!
47 - 08301 runs passed and 40022 starts up in the background. A 2-car Cravens DMU arrives.
48 - Class 40 no.316 pulls away with a tanker train.
49 - A DMU consisting of a 2-car Cravens and a Derby trailer, on the 1347 Preston to Manchester, ex-Blackpool.
50 - 50006 runs passed light engine.
51 - An unidentified electric arrives and 50006 runs passed light again.
52 - 81003 departs.
53 - 87011 draws forward after its train is split in two. Announcements are made.
54 - 50006 departs on 1V26, the 1105 Euston to Barrow-in-Furness.


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