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Classic Car
(and bike)
Sound Effects
in UK

Supplied on CD or DVD-ROM as 16/44 WAV files

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All recordings by Ian Strange.

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Set of classic car (and bike) sound effects on CD-ROM: £14.00

Set of all transport sound effects (plus some nature sounds) on DVD-ROM: £55.00

Prices include worldwide postage

Supplied with a pdf file illustrated listing of contents.

These sound effects are royalty-free. They must not be resold or distributed in their original form. They can be incorporated into your audio/video project, including commercial use/sale.

Note that most recordings in this section come from older analogue-tape originals (except the Jensen 541 done on 24bit/88.1KHz). However, there are some very rare cars included, including several Thames Ditton built AC Cobras.

Here is the full list of sound effects in this section:

Laverda motorbike approaches and passes slowly 0:28

Triumph Trident motorbike approaches and passes slowly, then accelerates a little 0:26

Triumph Trident motorbike passes and goes into distance 0:23
short sample


1935 AC 16/70
1935 AC 16/70 sports passes by (1) 0:20

1935 AC 16/70 sports passes by (2) 0:23

1935 AC 16/70 sports starts up and revs 0:13
short sample

1930s AC 16/80 sports car starts up and revs (loud exhaust) 0:16

AC Buckland
AC Buckland starts up and drives away, with wheels slipping on wet grass 0:24

AC 2 Litre Saloon
1949 AC 2 Litre Saloon accelerates passed, slight distance away 0:16

1950s AC Ace passes at speed 0:08

1950s AC Ace Bristol passes at speed 0:09

AC Aceca Bristol accelerates away from mic 0:10

AC Rudspeed Ace accelerates away from mic 0:08

AC Cobra 289 (not a replica) short burst of acceleration, passing close to mic 0:06

AC Cobra 289 (not a replica) starts up and turns around 0:21

AC Cobra 289 (not a replica) gives a brief burst of acceleration, passing mic 0:10

AC Cobra 289 (not a replica) drives into a large garage 0:08

AC Cobra 289 (not a replica) accelerates from stand-still passed mic 0:11

AC Cobra 289 (not a replica) accelerates passed at high speed 0:11

AC Cobra 427 (not a replica) arrives, parks, revs and switches off 0:36
short sample

AC Frua 428
AC Frua 428 starts up, revs, reverses out of parking space, and moves away slowly 0:30

AC Frua 428 accelerates passed mic 0:06

AC Frua 428 passes at high speed 0:07

AC Frua 428 accelerates from stand-still with tyre-squeal, passed mic 0:10

AC 3000ME accelerates rapidly from stand-still, passing mic 0:12

Austin Healey 3000
Austin Healey 3000 accelerates passed mic 0:16

Aston Martin DB4 accelerates hard, passing mic 0:12

Aston Martin DB4GT light-weight, accelerates passed 0:09

Aston Martin DB6 accelerates from a stand-still passed mic 0:17

Bentley Special passes at speed 0:10

BRM V16 drives passed with burst of acceleration 0:11

Bugatti Type 57 (straight 8 engine) rev, moves passed and stops 0:27

Daimler 250 V8 saloon/sedan drives passed 0:06

Daimler SP250 sports car, reverse up to mic, then accelerates away (another passing car audible) 0:25

Ferrari 250GT accelerates away from mic 0:16

Ferrari 250GT starts up 0:05

Ferrari 275GTB accelerates passed (very short approach) and away 0:09

Ferrari 275GTS accelerates passed 0:10

Ferrari 308GTS accelerates hard from stand-still, away from mic 0:08

Jaguar XK120
Jaguar XK120 accelerates slowly passed (1) 0:19

Jaguar XK120 accelerates slowly passed (2) 0:20

Jaguar C-Type engages 1st gear and drives away from mic, with backfiring exhaust, incl. rain falling 0:29

Jaguar XK140 short burst of acceleration as it passes 0:11

Jaguar D-Type accelerates away from mic, with birdsong 0:14

Jaguar E-Type 3.8 drives passed 0:12

Jaguar Mark 2 saloon/sedan accelerates gently passed 0:19

Jaguar Mark 10 saloon/sedan drives passed 0:09

Jaguar E-Type 4.2 drives passed 0:10

Jensen 541
Jensen 541 starts up and drives away 0:20

Jensen 541 pulls up along mic, then drives away into distance 0:26

Maserati 250F drives passed 0:32

Maserati 250F/54 drives passed 0:35

Mercedes 280SL accelerates passed 0:13

Metro 6R4 rally car passes at high speed 0:11
short sample

Metro 6R4 rally accelerates from a stand-still, away from mic 0:13

MGB GT V8 idles, then acelerates away from mic, with tyre squeal 0:31

Porsche 911 (1960s model) turns around and drives away 0:16

Porsche 911 (1980s model) accelerates hard, passing mic 0:10

Porsche 911 (1980s model) passes mic at high speed 0:09

Reliant Scimitar accelerates passed 0:09

Reliant Scimitar accelerates from stand-still, away from mic 0:10

Triumph TR3 drives passed 0:10

Triumph TR5 accelerates passed rapidly 0:09

Triumph TR6 drives up slowly, passes, then accelerates away 0:32

Triumph Stag
Triumph Stag starts up, mic behind car, and drives away slowly, tooting horn 0:17
short sample

Triumph Stag turns around, on gravel, then drives away swiftly 0:17

Triumph Stag, onboard with soft-top up, accelerates from stand, rapidly 0:18

TVR 350i accelerates passed 0:10

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