DELTIC - British nature sound effects.

Sound Effects

Supplied on CD or DVD-ROM as 16/44 WAV files

You can purchase a digital download version at my Etsy shop and save money:
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All recordings by Ian Strange

Just a small selection, but includes a lightning-bolt approx. 30ft from the mic!.

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Set of nature sound effects on CD-ROM: £6.00

Set of all transport sound effects (plus these nature sounds) on DVD-ROM: £55.00

Prices include worldwide postage

Supplied with a pdf file listing of contents.

These sound effects are royalty-free. They must not be resold or distributed in their original form. They can be incorporated into your audio/video project, including commercial use/sale.

All sounds in this section are from 24 bit/88.1KHz originals (supplied to you as 16/44 WAV)..

Here is the full list of sound effects in this section:

Birds: Dawn chorus, featuring blackbirds, wrens and pheasant. 1:41
short sample

Birds: Coastal birds feeding on shore, featuring common-gulls and mallards. 0:46

Birds: Song-thrush. 0:06

Birds: Yellow-hammer calling in background. 0:18

Sheep and lambs calling to each other at night-time. 1:08
short sample

Heavy rain. 0:30

Thunder and heavy rain. 0:22
short sample

Thunder and very heavy rain. 0:19

Thunder-clap, very close. 0:07

Thunder-clap, fairly close. 0:07

Thunder-clap, slight distance with echo. 0:09

2 thunder-claps, fairly close. 0:10
short sample

Thunder-clap, approximately 30 feet (10m) away, which blew apart one of my trees!!! 0:07

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